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Did you know that empowering women is one of the most efficient ways to bring restoration to communities? Studies have indicated that when women hold assets or gain income, the money is more likely to be spent on nutrition, medicine and housing, and consequently their children are healthier. For every dollar a woman earns, she invests 80 cents in her family.*

Many of the artisans we work with are mothers. Hardworking, industrious, generous, strong, creative, kind, and nurturing, their resilience in the face of difficult circumstances inspires us now as we are facing our own coronavirus-related challenges. The SEED team is happy to share some of our favorite picks that our artisans have worked hard to develop. We hope that you can connect with the women through their handiwork and stories!

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SEED Team Favorites
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The Maasai Picnic Blanket is my favorite product right now because my family is trying to get outside a lot but mainly to our backyard to help with social distancing. The waterproof backing keeps us dry in the spring weather and it rolls up easily to put away. The best part is that it uses the awesome skills and beautiful traditional fabric from Hope Beyond Circumstance in Kenya.

- Rachel, Product Developer

The Roll Top Lunch Bag is my go-to lunch bag! I love the roll top design, which makes it easy to clip to anything else I'm carrying. The padded fabric is very easy to wipe clean and I love that it folds completely flat for easy storage.

— Brian, Administrator
I absolutely love the Kenyan Wrap Scarf ! It was my go-to last summer - I wore it to the beach, out to dinner, and as a lightweight cover for summer evenings. The product development story is even better. Hope Beyond Circumstance was looking for ways to train new women to sew, and this simple design with knotted trim was a great beginner project. It was a win-win. The group was able to offer an income stream to members learning to sew AND to create a product that was fashionable and useful! Now available in 4 different colors! - Nicole, Marketing

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My Mom taught me to have compassion, to look beyond the circumstances people were in, and to see them as people.

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Don't tell my Mom, but this is what I'm doing to honor her this Mother's Day! Will you join me and donate to bless and help Moms around the world?

With gratitude,
Rose and the SEED team
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SEED helps churches help small business ministries grow
by working in close partnership with artisans who are using their hand crafting skills
(and groups who do other businesses that make sense in their community)
to overcome poverty, slavery, and disability.
SEED collaborates with makers to use more natural materials and best practices to create sustainable livelihoods.
SEED pays fair trade wages to all artisan groups. This helps them support their families and communities.
SEED works with groups creating a holistic approach to improving livelihoods. These groups live and grow together economically, relationally & spiritually, and they train new artisans.