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"The future is uncertain but the end is always near" - Jim Morrison

Happy Sunday #PPDNation!! - For those getting their second shots, congrats, and wishing you well. Check out this article to prepare you for what to expect for round 2. It seems surreal that the COVID Chapter may finally be coming to a close. Wishing you all a self-care Sunday - cheers @physiokarim

This Week's PT Recap

Updated Regulatory Guidance

THE FUTURE OF PHYSIO - mixed messaging

  • Read the latest update from CAPR on expected exam dates, software testing, and exam score standardization here

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Salary vs Dividends - HOW to pay yourself as a Business owner/Prof. Incorp.
Vartika Satija, CPA, CA 
Live - Wed, June 2nd, 10:30 AM MST/ 12:30 PM EST
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All-Star Clinician Series - How to Thrive as a young Clinician in the New Norm
Darryl Yardley & Maggie Bergeron
Biweekly continuing Thursday, June 3rd, 8:30 pm EST
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Check out the Clinician Mini MBA - Next Live Info Session June 2nd 8 pm EST

This Week's Sizzl'n Inner Circle

A big thank you to my collab partner Jonathan Rhodenizer - PPD Student Exec

  1. The Ultimate PT Guide to Business Benchmarks - 34 KPIs you need to know NOW
  2. 4 Ways to Deliver a 5-Star Patient Experience
  3. 6 Things I Should Have Considered Before Opening a PT Clinic
  4. The 3 R's in Rehab Growth - Retention, Referrals, Reactivation
  5. What to Say to Patients When Your Schedule is Packed for 3 weeks
  6. How to Create a 5 Star Environment for your Staff
  7. The Future of Physio - A preview into what tomorrow brings NOW
  8. Bitcoin Basics + Cryptocurrency Investors Guidebook -

Who's ready to get their Sizzle on???

Enjoying a Self-Care Sunday!!
Karim S. Meghji
PPD Chairperson

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4 Things Every PT Must Do to Deliver an Excellent...

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What To Do Say When Your Clinic Is COMPLETELY Booked

What do you say or do when your clinic has a 3 WEEK WAITLIST during COVID?! ❌There's definitely enough people wanting to come into your clinic, but what do y...

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HR table stakes for a positive employee experience | Rise

Table stakes is a term often used to describe the bare minimum expectations that a customer has about a product or service. However, HR table stakes encompass the basic functions of human resource management.

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Next Generation Physiotherapy

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Australian Physiotherapy Council (APC). What better way to celebrate this milestone, then to leap ahead to the next ...

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