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February-March 2013
Aging Together NY  

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"Aging Together NY" is dedicated to educating the population -- young and old -- through news and analysis from the local, state and federal levels on any number of aging issues, everything from the challenges and costs of family caregiving to Medicaid Redesign to the reauthorization of the Older Americans Act and sequestration at the federal level.

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Trending Topics 

Does the State Budget ignore the older population?
Times Union (3/38/2013)
Census data show that state politicians ignore this demographic at their own peril: Those aged 50 and older make up a growing segment of the state's population, rising from about 28 percent in 2000 to nearly 33 percent in 2010. Read more.

To view the 2013-2014 NYS Office for the Aging numbers from the newly enacted budget, click here

Investment in Aging Network is an Investment in NY's Economy 
NYSAAAA (3//7/2013)                                                                        
What's the best way to support the growing population of seniors so they remain independent contributors to the State's economy? Click here  to find out.

Gov.'s Report Says DOH Could Take a Page from Aging Network
NYSAAAA (2/25/2013)

The Governor's SAGE (Spending and Government Efficiency) Commission reaffirmed what the Aging Services Network has known all along: New York would benefit from making greater use of the type of programs and delivery mechanisms employed by the New York State Office for the Aging. Read more.

Senior-Friendly Communities Strengthen NY's Economy
Democrat & Chronicle (February 8, 2013)
Stereotypes that pit the interests of the young against the old miss the point: baby boomers and seniors contribute billions of dollars to New York's local economies, according to Laura Cameron at the annual GRAPE legislative session in Rochester. Read more.

Aging in New York  

Sen Adams mtg 3-12-13 
  Association meets with Senator Adams to discuss Aging Issues
  (left to right): Senator Eric Adams (Chair, Senate Aging Committee),
  Frances Wright (Otsego), Crystal Carter (Clinton),  Peggy Moran (Albany HIICAP), 
  Terry Freedman (Albany HIICAP), Judy Coyne (Albany), Laura Cameron (NYSAAAA)
CMS Approves BIP Application for New York

NYS DOH (3/15/13)

CMS has awarded New York the Balancing Incentive Payment Program (BIP) grant under Section 10202 of the Affordable Care Act, which will provide financial incentives to increase access to non-institutionally based long-term services and supports (LTSS). Structural changes are required, including: 1) No Wrong Door/Single Entry Point, 2) Conflict-free case management, 3) Use of a core standardized assessment instrument.

Read BIP award letter

Read NY's BIP Application

More Effort Needed to Protect Elderly from Financial Abuse  

The Buffalo News (February 11, 2013)  

It's not just the victims who pay the price for financial exploitation of the elderly. The rest of us will also have to ante up too. Read more

 The High Cost Of Low-Income Care
 City & State First Read (2/12/2013)
"One of the positive things about the Medicaid Redesign Team is what it didn't do," according to one source.
Aging in the Community 

Director Profiles

Gina Cantanucci-Mitchell: Leading Aging and Disability Resource Center for Washington County

NYSAAAA (2/25/2013)                                                                  
One thing Gina Cantanucci-Mitchell wasn't expecting when she joined Washington County's Office for Aging as Executive Director was the sale of the county Department of Public Health, but that's the news in Washington County, the North Country. Read more. 

Aging Director Deborah Allen Says Snowbirds are Flying Back North to Sullivan County                                                                  
NYSAAAA (2/25/2013)
Deborah Allen, Director of the Sullivan County Office for Aging, has noticed something many have suspected all along: some retirees leave New York State for warmer climates only to eventually get sick and end up right back at home. Read more.

Other News

Partners Join Us at Leadership Institute
Flickr (2/1/2013)
Thank you CDPHP, CST your Link to Life, Doyle Medical Monitoring, Harmony Information Systems, PeerPlace Information Systems and Philips Lifeline for your support at our Leadership Institute. You rock! More photos.

Leadership Institute Highlights (Click on the photo for more pictures from the event.)

Aging in the Nation    

Sanders Amendment to Older Americans Act is Approved (3/24/2013)                                                                 
The Senate approved an amendment to the budget resolution backing the Older Americans Act, the landmark law that supports Meals on Wheels and other programs for seniors. Read more.
5 Reasons to Reauthorize the Older Americans Act          
NYSAAAA (3/26/2013)                                                                   
OAA reaches older New Yorkers before they end up on Medicaid. Area Agency on Aging programs are pre-Medicaid programs that help older New Yorkers avoid the spend-down to Medicaid. These services can be provided to older New Yorkers at one-tenth the cost of a nursing home. Read more.   

Sun City It's Not - Upper West Side Retirement
The New York Times (2/17/2013)
Many urbanites want to age in place and the result is: Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities or NORCs. Autumn in New York, anyone? Read more.

Immigration and the Quality of Care for the Elderly
The Huffington Post (February 4, 2013)
Efforts to formulate policy around immigration should take account of the plight of one vital but often invisible sector of the labor force: long-term care workers. Read more.

Federal Deficit Debates: What's at Stake for Senior Services and Benefits
NCOA (2/25/2013)
The federal deficit can't be blamed on senior programs, mandatory or discretionary and it has been reduced over the last two years, according to the National Council on Aging. Not to mention: the ratio of spending to revenue almost three to one ratio with spending cuts being considerably higher. View.

Why Managing Your Medicine Matters
NCOA (2/28/2013)
Six things to keep in mind if you take one of more medications. No. 2: Use one pharmacy and talk to your pharmacists often. Read more.


Field Resources     


Geriatrics and Developmental Disabilities Institute: Learning from Case Studies    

This 3-hour video conference for nurses presented by the Rehabilitation Research and Training Institute on May 16 from 1 to 4 p.m. will consist of a series of case studies on topics that include geriatrics; gender-related health issues; interaction of common medications; and end-of-life. Read more
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