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Does this seem 'puzzling' to you?

You may be in the middle of planning for the upcoming year. Media planning is like putting a puzzle together, with multiple pieces needed to create the whole picture. However, many brands skip some pieces or do not use some pieces at all, making it hard for them to see the picture.

Many brands plan their media strategies from the bottom of the funnel first, meaning when a consumer converts. Since they are so heavily focused on this end goal, they can miss important steps to get there. They may also think a certain type of media won't help them meet this goal, leaving it out of their plan altogether. When brands do this, they are limiting how far their business can go. It is important for brands to test out different types of media and reach consumers at multiple points to help them go through their customer journey.

Many brands also stick to one or two platforms that they know are succeeding. However, it is important for brands to test out different platforms to help maximize their audience reach and visibility. It's important for brands to think about where their consumers spend their time so they are getting the best return possible.

It's also important to note not to put all your eggs in one basket. For example, many advertisers prefer online marketing now since it is trackable. They can see from the reporting how many people viewed their ad, how many clicked on the ad and how many eventually converted and bought the product. However, if you focus 100% of your resources on digital, you lose out on the tremendous branding capabilities that traditional media brings to the table. A billboard campaign, a radio campaign, a print campaign, a TV campaign can help a company brand itself in the marketplace. That is invaluable. We strongly encourage advertisers to blend the right mix of offline and online media.

Many brands put their ideas out in the advertising world without thinking about their audience. Now that it is being more difficult to reach consumers, it is super vital that brands know where to put their advertisements and how to engage their audience.

If you are a brand looking to complete the puzzle, make sure to take a step back and adopt a more comprehensive perspective. If you need assistance, we are here to help!

Do you still own a DVR?

Recently, I was engaged in a conversation at a client's place with millenials. They were asking me when their feature will be shown on TV. I had given them a 30 minute window of when the feature would run. Finally, I said, 'It may be easier to just DVR it and then you can go back and watch the feature.' Well, after saying that, I showed my age and they proceeded to laugh at me. Their response? 'Nobody has a DVR anymore!'

As people cut the cord and eliminate having a DVR in their household, many households are converting to 100% streaming. Are you one of 6.6 million people subscribed to YouTube TV? With many people switching over to streaming, YouTube TV has been gaining subscribers. It is only 5th in U.S. pay TV providers!

YouTube TV also has a NFL "Sunday Ticket" package starting next month, which will only help increase its subscribers. YouTube TV also continues to be on the rise as other pay TV providers are slowing down, such as Dish and Hulu+Live TV.

The YouTube video-on-demand website also leads viewing share of the streaming TV marketplace, even over Netflix! A reason many consumers are starting to use YouTube TV more is the familiarity with the brand. Consumers may believe YouTube TV will have an ease of access and will be easy to cancel as well.

With YouTube TV on the rise, this may be a great time for brands to start thinking of ways to advertise on the platform, if they haven't done so already.

Will there be a future for Regional Sports Networks?

If you are a sports fan, chances are you have watched NBC Sports Chicago to catch the Bulls, Blackhawks and/or Sox. In the past, you may have seen the Cubs on NBC Sports Chicago too before they started their own Marquee network. Unfortunately, due to the cord cutting (see story above), Regional Sports Networks, such as NBC Sports Chicago, are on the decline. Many sports fan use RSNs to watch live games, but this is becoming more difficult with the cord-cutting plague. Regional Sports Networks make their money from a specific $ amount from each cable subscriber. For example, NBC Sports Chicago may receive $15/month from each Comcast subscriber in the Chicagoland area. However, if the number of Comcast subscribers in a certain market like Chicago declines, then the monthly revenue that NBC Sports Chicago or another RSN receives also is greatly impacted.

Many RSNs have felt this effect already with Warner Bros. Discovery making its exit in the RSN business. Diamond Sports has also been under scrutiny as they have missed multiple payments to MLB teams and filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. So what does the future of RSNs look like?

Professional teams have started to make new broadcast deals that combines local broadcast TV with direct-to-consumer streaming services. However, these deals aren't paying as much as RSNs could. A direct-to-consumer option is a great alternative for cord-cutters, but subscriptions can rise and fall due to a team's success.

Many RSNs are experimenting with the direct-to-consumer offering, with YES Network debuting a "YES Rewards" system that allows users to earn prizes for watching games. Monumental Sports Network is also experimenting with producing alternate announcer feeds for games. However, the biggest challenge for RSNs turning to direct-to-consumer is getting consumers to use it.

Some people believe live sports could even go national. However, the RSN struggles are already showing their impact in the TV business with major players making moves away from the business. It will be interesting to see other ways RSNs experiment with this changing landscape and what the future of RSNs will look like.

Will the coming year bring positive vibes?

2024 is already right around the corner, and many have some positive vibes. Recently, there has been a lot of positive economic news being reported. CommsCo PR surveyed 250 marketing and communications professionals about their feelings towards next year.

People are more stressed this year compared to last year, with 63% saying they are expected to do more with less. However, more than half are still increasing their media budget.

With AI becoming more popular, this adds on another technology people need to think about. 45% believe AI will drive more investment into marketing. Also, 65% say AI will drive productivity.

Many feel that business will pick up next year. Are you feeling these same vibes?

Are you loyal to your streaming app?

How often someone uses a streaming app per month is correlated to how long they keep that app. More than 70% of smart-TV owners use a streaming app for three months or less. So how can platforms increase their retention period?

Advertising that is targeted towards light monthly users has shown an increase in how long they keep the app. However, even the most successful apps have an issue with retention and loyalty. Many users quickly lose interest in an app or use it for a lot in a short period of time.

It is becoming extremely important for platforms to figure out ways to have their audience use their app more. Advertising has shown success in getting light users to return back to an app, but is there more that platforms can do?


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Whether you've been at your marketing position for 1 year or for 20 years, the pressure to produce and come up with the right strategies to reach your target audience is always there.

Did you hear that the average consumer today is exposed to 10,000 plus promotional messages a day?
Recently, Google put out a study that determined to even exist in a consumer’s mind, a brand needs to make
22 impressions a month digitally with that consumer. Therefore, you really need to make sure you have enough
frequency with your campaigns to get through the clutter in your target’s mind.
I am a 12 year former Disney executive who has discovered the secret sauce on how brands can cut through the clutter and reach their target. Like Disney, Marketing Keys cultivates, values, and encourages creativity, collaboration, and creativity from everyone. 

By teaming up with us, we make the process enjoyable.

During my years working for various media companies, it seemed that if a company was not represented by a firm or by a media planner/buyer, then that company was at a disadvantage. Marketing Keys was formed in July, 2007 to more than level the negotiation playing field between advertisers and media companies. We enabled advertisers to have a major leg up in the process.

By leveraging our media experience, our relationships along with cutting edge ideas, we have been able to help generate an incremental 30-35% more in leads and/or conversions for our clients through our programs.

We started Marketing Keys with a simple mission. Help Presidents, CEOs, Marketing Directors, CMOs, Regional Managers and others create the most well thought out, efficient and effective media campaigns.

We may not be perfect. But we will listen to you and always be committed to you. We strive to run our business with passion and humility all with the utmost integrity.

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New Client!

We are thrilled to announce that PGA Tour Superstore is the latest to join the Marketing Keys family!

PGA Tour Superstore recently opened up a store in Orland Park. Their latest store will be opening on Fullerton Avenue in Lincoln Park in mid September.

At PGA Tour Superstore you can find everything you need for your golf equipment and gear needs!

As an avid golfer, I can personally say that a good portion of my disposable income is diverted that way. And, I wouldn't want it any other way!

Marketing Keys will be helping PGA Tour Superstore with driving store traffic to their new stores as well as other media strategies and tactics.

Grand Opening!

Brightmont Academy is having a Grand Opening for their new Naperville location this Friday, August 11th!

Brightmont's mission is to provide customized one-to-one instruction to help as many students as possible reach their full academic potential and prepare for college and career.

Stop by from 10am - 4pm to get a tour of the campus and learn how one-to-one instruction helps students meet academic gains. WERV The River will also be there from 1pm - 3pm with prizes and giveaways!

You can learn more about Brightmont Academy and this new location here!


On Sunday, August 27th, the World Famous Hooters Girls will be making a return trip to Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana for the ESPN Chicago Football Fest!

This is a great event that gives Fantasy Football owners and sports betting fans the inside knowledge and expertise to become champions of their leagues and win their bets!

Join Adam Schefter, Field Yates and many ESPN Chicago personalities for a day of fun! You will even get a chance to see and meet the Chicago Bears broadcast team of Jeff Joniak and Tom Waddle.

We'll see you on Sunday, August 27th!

Buy your tickets here!

Are you Socially Challenged?

During my 15 years as a business owner, I have discovered there are many companies out there that are challenged with the task of managing their social media.

It may be that they are confused over the platforms that they should use, the content they should post, how to boost that content and/or the time or lack thereof that goes into managing their social media platforms. 
If that is you, we have Gen Z help on the way!
For more information, please contact Marketing Keys at (312) 375-5007 or you can email us HERE!

Fill up your lead funnel!

In the days of Mad Men, creativity was everything. The goal was for a brand to be the most creative creating a tag line to resonate with the audience. Now, creativity takes a back seat to targeting through data and reaching your target synergistically through multiple mediums with an integrated marketing campaign.

Find out how Marketing Keys can help generate (on average) an incremental 30-35% more in leads and/or conversions through our system.

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