Here is more evidence that the internet has rotted my brain...

James, Troy and I have been working building the Trumpet Dynamics community, and the other day we came up with a free report called " Gigs Getting 101". It's a downloadable tip sheet with quotes from all the trumpet players who have been on the show.

It gives a little jolt of inspiration.

The next step was to make sure that everyone who signed up for the newsletter got a copy of the report. (You can get it here.)

James put the picture on his website, and I saw that he added "Uber tasty quotes from the Trumpet Dynamics podcast."

Maybe you can settle this argument for us. I saw that slogan and thought it sounded a little suggestive and maybe a tad homoerotic. Especially the word "tasty". (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

I brought up my wording concerns with James and he promptly told me to get my mind out of the gutter. He gave me the look and said, "Seriously? I've always heard is as a compliment to someone's playing. Usually on a lyrical passage."

He assured me that that word has nothing but positive connotations to trumpet players... nothing dirty.

Which made me think... 1) oh great, I'm the only one with the sick mind here ... and 2) why hasn't anyone described my playing as "tasty"?

(We left it the way it is)

If you know any other trumpet players who would like this and enjoy being in the Trumpet Dynamics community, forward this email or send them to this link.

And have you bought James Newcomb's " Secrets of the Musical Mind" program yet?

If you're trying to master the mental side of playing, these recording will be perfect for you. He has interviewed some of the world's most elite trumpet players and found out what they do mentally to get to that level of playing.

It is available here for $49.
Thanks for listening to Trumpet Dynamics!


Mandy Marksteiner