Pesach is soon, all of us are on our feet more.  From busy preparations, serving meals, going to shul and special trips your feet need to be feeling their best and functioning pain free. 

Hope to see you at our new offices, right off Thruway Exit 14 in Suffern! 

Dr.Baldinger and Team
Some Case Studies from our patients...
"My teenage daughter couldn't walk  two blocks home  from the grocery store!" 
She called a car service to bring her home because her feet hurt too much to walk.  She was prescribed orthotics but they don't fit in those ballet flats that she loves to wear. Her walk is awkward and shuffling (trying to keep the shoes on her feet!)  One expensive Manhattan specialist suggested physical therapy, but to no avail.
Help us Dr. Baldinger!

"My 12 year-old son won't run and play with the other boys."

He complains his feet hurt all the time: he won't run, won't walk more than a few blocks and even kvetches when he has to stand up too long!  He's so sedentary that he's gaining weight.  One doctor prescribed orthotics but they didn't make much difference.   An orthopedic surgeon suggested physical results.

Help us Dr. Baldinger!

"My HMO doctor prescribed orthotics when I was a kid, but here I am years later and my feet are only worse!"

Now I'm a busy mom with three small kids and even though I wear arches and sensible sneakers, my feet pretty much hurt me all day.  And now I have bunions and hammertoes too-painful and unattractive.

Help me Dr. Baldinger!  

We've been able to help all these patients...and many thousands of others with foot pain that has not been able to be treated elsewhere.  Dr. Baldinger takes a full medical history, examines Xrays and previous treatments and tries to get to the underlying problem that is causing the foot pain.  Once there's a diagnosis, Dr. B. can treat most patients successfully!

What are you waiting for?  Orthotic not working? New treatments available to get out of pain.
Coming soon...MediPedicure in Dr. Baldinger's office.
It's the medical-grade pedicure that your feet need!

More information soon on our website.