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Tips to
Spark Joy &
Tidy Up
PR Efforts
Tidying Tip 1

Looking to improve your website and SEO efforts? Go for a content refresh.

Any old blogs on your website? Use this opportunity to freshen up existing content! Turn your favorite, top-performing blog from 2017 into a one-page tip sheet to share on a new landing page.

Another tip: Comb through old website content to make sure your meta data, keywords, title tags and headlines are all optimized for search engines.
Tidying Tip 2

Are those tried-and-true trends you keep pitching to the same reporters going stale? It’s time to clean up those topics and freshen up your thought leadership.

Start by building out your bench of  key subject matter experts  and developing unique perspectives that will resonate with the media.

Do you have a hot take on diversity in tech or employee engagement? Does digital transformation or artificial intelligence spark joy for you? Take a stand!
Tidying Tip 3

Update those visual assets! If your logo isn’t sparking joy internally, it most likely isn’t resonating with your audience.

Does your website's color scheme speak to your brand? Is your font easy to read? Is your logo unique?

All visual assets should be cohesive across the board – even stretching over into your social channels. It’s never a bad time to revamp your look!
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