Upcoming online classes and events
No Place Like Home (self-paced, online)
When we bring a parrot into our lives, from parakeets to macaws, we are offering them a place to call home. What does home mean? For a parrot it might mean a place to be safe, be healthy, have a sense of family, and be provided positive opportunities to live and thrive. This class will address what each of these means to a bird, and give you some ideas about how to continue providing the good life for your bird. This class satisfies our adoption process class requirement. In order for applicants to receive credit for the class, all activities must be completed and turned in.

February 5 - 22, 2021
Avian Behavior and Training with Debbie Foster
Debbie Foster
Join us for a class that will teach you the science of learning and behavior and learn how we can apply that to the birds in our care. This class is good for people who are new to parrots and for people who have had parrots for quite a while. We guarantee you'll learn something new!

You'll get information on how and what to train, and understand the connection between what we do and our bird's behavior.

Debbie is certified as a trainer and behavior consultant and combines those two disciplines to help people with their parrots and to help give birds the skills they need to succeed in their homes. She is also an instructor at Companion Animal Sciences Institute, a teaching assistant for Living and Learning with Animals, and the owner of Parrot Ps and Qs.

This event will not be recorded, so must be attended live online via Zoom.

Saturday, February 20, 2021
1:00p.m. - 2:30p.m. EST (UTC -5)
Online, via Zoom
Bird Poop: The Down and Dirty
Beth Rhyne DVM
What can bird droppings tell us about their health? What are our avian veterinarians looking for when they do gram stains? Dr. Rhyne of Birdhouse Mobile Exotic Vet covers all you may have ever wanted to know (and more) about bird droppings!

As a bonus, she'll also share information about safe and effective cleaners and disinfectants, and how and when to use them. This is important information for all of us living with parrots. Join us!

Saturday, February 27, 2021
1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m. EST (UTC -5)
Online, via Zoom
Save the date! April 25th
Phoenix Landing Celebrating 20 years helping parrots
Plans are underway for a series of one-day virtual Wellness Retreat conferences throughout the year! Our first one will be April 25th. The theme will be the Mind, Body, and Spirit of Parrots. Save the date, and be on the lookout for a special email from us announcing it and providing more information. Details will also be available soon on our website.

We are excited, and hope you are, too!
Please visit https://www.phoenixlanding.org/events.html for details on these and other events! If you missed one of our previous webinars that was recorded, you may view the recording at https://www.phoenixlanding.org/past-events.html.
Adoptable bird spotlight
Interested in adopting a bird? Information about the adoption process may be found on the Phoenix Landing website at https://www.phoenixlanding.org/adoption.html. The first steps are to send in an application and attend one of our core classes. If you haven't yet attended a core class, the "No Place Like Home" class that begins February 5th counts! Details are above.
4 male cockatiels
Four male cockatiels, MD
Quaker parakeet
Pumpkin, Quaker parakeet, NC
Milagro the blue and gold macaw
Milagro, blue & gold macaw, FL
Pro tip: When setting up a cage, use the 4-3-2-1 perch criteria
Riley on his shelf
We hear that birds need variety in their perches all the time. But, what does that mean? Birds are on their feet most of the time, so perches are not only important for enrichment, but also for their physical health. New bird owners often look for tips on setting up a bird cage. We often start by adding perches, and then add toys, foraging toys, bowls, and other items. Our 4-3-2-1 perch criteria is a great check list to help ensure you are encouraging exercise, providing enrichment, and promoting physical health.
Does your bird's cage pass the 4-3-2-1 perch test?
perch sizes
Make sure every cage has:

  • FOUR different diameter perches: To make sure the perches in your bird's cage really promote foot health and decrease the possibility of sore spots, make sure there are at least four different diameter perches in the cage. Have at least one that seems too small, one that seems medium, or just right, and at least one that seems too large. Additional perches can be added that are in slightly different diameters, but also fit into the small, medium, or large categories. Place an appealing toy or foraging toy near these perches. This will encourage exercise and have your bird putting pressure on different points of their feet throughout the day.
  • THREE different materials in perches: Use different kinds of wood perches. Include some perches with bark, and perhaps some without. One or more soft cotton perches are often a welcome addition to a cage. Many birds like to sleep on cotton perches. (As with anything, just keep stray threads under 1" in length, and make sure they aren't ingesting them if they chew them. Most don't, but some might.)
  • TWO ACTION perches: Make sure there are at least two swings, bungees/boings, ladders, or other action perches in the cage. This encourages your bird to balance, which is great, low impact exercise for them. Most birds need more exercise in their daily lives.
  • ONE flat shelf or platform perch: Many birds like to have a flat perch in their cage somewhere, as well. This allows them to put their feet completely flat. It can also be an excellent location for a more difficult foraging toy that they may have to really maneuver around to access the food inside.

Running out of room inside the cage? Make sure the cage meets at least the minimum cage size requirement for your parrot's species. If you find you are missing any of the above criteria, or just want some new inspiration, you will find perches, swings, and more at Phoenix Landing's volunteer-run Helping Parrots online store!
An auction benefiting the parrots
of Phoenix Landing! Bids accepted NOW through Tuesday, 2/2/21, 4:30p.m. EST
Chuck and Joyce Nixon were long time supporters of Phoenix Landing, and adopted Paulie, a blue crown conure. They left their household goods to Phoenix Landing, with explicit instructions to have their possessions go to benefit the parrots. As such, an estate auction is now underway, and you may bid on some lovely prints, homemade afghans, and more, with the benefits going to the parrots. Shipping is available for many items, but pick up from Weaverville, NC is required for some items, so be sure to check that before bidding if you are outside of the Asheville area! For details about bidding, and how and when bidding closes, click here.
122 parrots were ADOPTED in 2020
122 parrots adopted in 2020 through Phoenix Landing
A total of 122 parrot adoptions were finalized in 2020! Thank you all for being a part of Phoenix Landing and for making this possible. Our primary areas of operation remain Maryland, D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, and some neighboring areas like Eastern Tennessee, and the northern part of South Carolina. We did have a few adoptions that were finalized outside of our normal operating area this last year, as well, though.

Phoenix Landing is primarily a network of volunteers, so by working together, we help more birds. Here's the breakdown by species:

African Grey 17
Amazon 6
Caiques 3
Cockatiel 14
Cockatoos 8
Conures 13
Eclectus 1
Hawkhead 1
Lovebird 1
Macaws 18
Parakeets 25
Parrotlet 1
Poicephalus 6
Ringneck 2
Quakers 6
2021 Phoenix Landing
Membership Program
2021 calendar cover
21 years mask
Each level has its own benefits, and all memberships include a 2021 calendar and tax deductible donation. This year, a Phoenix Landing mask is included at the Quaker membership level and above. Founded in 2000, 2021 marks 21 years of helping parrots. Masks are 3-ply cotton, and are protected with Silvadur (TM) 930 anti-microbial technology. The masks are great not only to wear while running errands, but may be worn while cleaning cages, too!

The 2021 Phoenix Landing calendars feature photographs by Cassie Crawford, and the masks feature a design by Chris Mason. Become a 2021 Phoenix Landing member, and help parrots all year long!
Are you in Western NC? The parrots
request your assistance!
Are you interested in making some new feathered friends at the Phoenix Landing adoption center? If you are local to the Asheville area, consider joining our onsite volunteer team! We are now on-boarding new volunteers, with new measures in place to protect your health and safety.

Onsite volunteers are vital to ensuring that the birds at our adoption center are healthy, clean, fed, and enriched each day! If bird care isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities for volunteers onsite. Maybe you’re handy with maintenance or construction, or you enjoy getting outdoors and doing yard work? Maybe toy making or organizing supplies is your specialty?

No matter what your interests or talents might be, dedicated people like you are critical in supporting the Phoenix Landing campus.

To learn more: Email contact@phoenixlanding.org with the subject line “Onsite Volunteer Inquiry.” We look forward to seeing you on campus -- and so do the birds!
Adoptions finalized in January
Congratulations to the following birds and their families!
Pauli the Amazon is adopted
  • Bella (blue headed pionus)
  • CeCe (Umbrella cockatoo)
  • Daisy and Petey (Moluccan cockatoos)
  • Eden (Congo African grey)
  • Elmo (Congo African grey)
  • Gaia (green cheek conure)
  • Gandalf (Congo African grey)
  • Garnet (Greenwing macaw)
  • Gizmo (eclectus)
  • Paulie (yellow naped Amazon)
  • Rozie (rose breasted cockatoo)
  • Savannah Rose (eclectus)
  • Tango (yellow naped Amazon)
  • Tiger (red lored Amazon)
  • Tweet (budgie)
Phoenix Landing Wish List

Donated items may be sent to Phoenix Landing Foundation, 31 Landing Place, Alexander, NC 28701.

Please drop us a note at contact@phoenixlanding.org if you purchase something for us, including if you'd like a thank you note, as vendors do not always provide information on who generously purchased something for us. Thank you for helping parrots!
A huge thank you to everyone who donated this past month. Thank you to everyone who donated items from previous wish lists in the last month to Phoenix Landing. This includes the donations of nuts, food, treats, and cleaning supplies. Together, we help more parrots.