Town departments -- although working remotely -- continue to operate and you can still get assistance through the website or phone (203-389-3400). I am also maintaining a centralized page on the Town website with Coronavirus updates for residents and businesses.

The page is updated frequently and includes a link to Woodbridge-based businesses that are operating . If your business is missing or your entry needs updating, let me know!
Masks for Eligible Essential Small Businesses
The State of Connecticut has partnered with CBIA-CONNSTEP to assist in the distribution of donated surgical masks to eligible, essential small businesses with 50 employees or less.
Supplies for eligible, essential small businesses will be distributed to designated municipal representatives in early May.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What are eligible, essential small businesses?
Eligible, essential small businesses must have 50 employees or less with a need for surgical masks.
Should all eligible, essential small businesses request masks?
Eligible, essential small businesses   and employees that have limited contact with the public are strongly urged to create their own facemasks following  CDC guidelines.  We must ensure the limited supply of surgical masks is available to eligible, essential businesses that need them the most. 
How many times can surgical masks be used?
The CDC recommends the preservation of necessary PPE by instituting extended use policies. Additionally, FEMA, recommends preservation methods to reduce, reuse and repurpose PPE. Both FEMA and CDC guidelines can be found  here.
Is there a limit to the number of Surgical Masks that can be requested?
Eligible, essential small businesses   must limit their total request to 2 surgical masks per employee. The maximum request should not exceed 100 masks.
How do eligible, essential small businesses make a request?
Eligible, essential small businesses can make a request on the CBIA-CONNSTEP Portal at the following link: At this time, only surgical masks are available to eligible, essential small businesses.
Are healthcare workers and first responders receiving PPE?
Yes, healthcare workers and first responders continue to receive priority distributions of varying types of PPE as they are made available. First responders should continue to make resource requests through the local Emergency Management Director.
How often will this distribution to small businesses be occurring?
At this time, this is a one-time distribution of masks to eligible, essential small businesses in Connecticut.
Will every requestor receive masks?
Supplies are limited at this time; therefore, it is possible that not all requestors will receive the masks they request.
The Small Business Administration (SBA) Payment Protection Program (PPP) and the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance Program (EIDL) funding is still available. If your business has a pending PPP application, re-contact your lender to check its status. If your business has a pending EIDL application, SBA will resume processing them on a first-come, first-served basis.
If your business has not yet applied for a PPP loan, we encourage you to contact SBA-approved banks, credit unions, and other lenders to do so, given that the SBA now has set aside loan funds for smaller lenders, and to prepare the paperwork to maximize your chances of getting one:
-Establish a true business bank account with a lending entity (if possible)
-Confirm your business's legal status:
-Are its business filings current with the Secretary of State?
-Are business payroll taxes properly filed and current with the Department of Revenue Services?
-Are all licenses and operating permits current?
-Review the PPP Application ( Paycheck Protection Program-Application )
-Prepare to submit the following documentation (which may vary by lender):
-Up to 3 years of Business Income Tax Returns (2019 if available, 2018, and 2017)
-Color copies of driver's license(s) of all owners with 20%+ share in the business:
The front and back of a valid driver's license for each owner
Each driver's license must not have expired
-Acceptable payroll documents (listed in apparent order of preference):
All applicants:
Business account bank statements
Any other document that can prove business payroll expenses
Small businesses:
941 Quarterly Tax Filings (2019, 2020 Q1)
944 Annual Tax Filings (2019)
Payroll register for the most recent 12 months
Business bank statements for the most recent 12 months
1099 Independent Contractors or self-employed individuals:
IRS 1040 Schedule C
1099s (under which you were paid)
Income and expense reports for 2019
Any additional support documents requested by the lender

Resources from the State:

  • The Governor has created the Reopen Connecticut Advisory Group to focus on restarting the State’s economy. Indra Nooyi, co-chair of AdvanceCT and former chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, and Albert Ko MD, professor of epidemiology and medicine at the Yale School of Public Health, are leading the group comprised of top health, labor and business experts.
  • A new website,, has launched to connect Connecticut manufacturers and suppliers with health care institutions to produce the medical supplies and PPE our first responders need. 
  • The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) launched a one-on-one customer service program to help businesses and individual taxpayers understand what resources are available to them if they can’t meet their current collections obligations.
  • AdvanceCT partnered with CBIA and DECD to release the second iteration of its business survey to gather feedback directly from Connecticut businesses that will help inform how we restart our economy.
State guidance re safety in the workplace

  • Face Coverings: Following recommendation from the CDC for everyone to wear cloth face coverings in public settings to reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Governor signed an executive order directing face coverings to be worn by anyone in public wherever a six-foot distance is unavoidable, including by employees while in the workplace. A CDC video explains how to make a face covering. This does not apply to anyone for whom doing so would be contrary to his or her health or safety because of a medical condition. Guidance on face coverings has been issued to the state's businesses.
  • Safe Workplace Rules for Essential Employers: All workplaces considered essential must follow Safe Workplace Rules for Essential Employers to reduce the spread of COVID-19. This remains in effect until May 20, unless otherwise modified.

The Community and Economic Development (CED) Clinic and the student-run COVID Student Small Business Support Project may be able to assist you at no cost in addressing COVID’s impact on your organization. Support may include:
  • Providing information about government loans and grants
  • Navigating state and local resources to obtain financing
  • Making emergency modifications to lease terms
  • Understanding changes to tax law
  • Other legal issues that may arise
Support is available to small businesses, nonprofits, and self-employed people in the greater New Haven area. If you are interested in assistance, contact us at  or 203-432-4022.

Note: If you reach out for support, a student may contact you to learn more and offer information about available resources. As the student will explain, such a conversation is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. If you require legal advice, we will attempt to make a referral to a free lawyer.

Local networking goes virtual

The Woodbridge Wellness Network group is meeting virtually twice a month on Friday mornings at 9 am. Any Woodbridge based wellness business can join here on May 1 at 9 am.

The Woodbridge retail and service group will meet virtually on Wednesday April 29 at 9 am. Any Woodbridge based retail or service group is welcome to join here.