Evoque is a boutique communications firm that specializes in creating custom communications programs for water-related organizations. We focus on helping our clients effectively engage with their diverse audiences, giving them a voice within the communities they serve. 
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Plan ahead
Dear colleague,
While stuck at home for the past month, you've probably thought of a few things you wish you had done to prepare for a situation like coronavirus. One of these things might be having a crisis communication plan to guide your efforts during this stressful time. Why not make the most of this eye-opening event by preparing now for whatever crisis comes next?

With over 25 years of water communications experience, Evoque founders Jessica Ouwerkerk and Natalie Miller can help your organization develop a customized crisis communication plan that fits your budget and needs. The plan will be easy to implement and will empower you to more effectively communicate with customers during any crisis.

We know these are difficult times, and we’re here to offer our assistance in any way possible. Whether it’s helping you draft (or update) a crisis communications plan, assisting with short-term communication activities, or simply lending an extra set of (virtual) hands, we are here for you! Please reach out to us if there is any way we can assist.

Stay healthy and safe,

Natalie J. Miller & Jessica H. Ouwerkerk
Here are some things to think about when developing a crisis communications plan...
  1. Who is your spokesperson? Choose someone who is well-informed, trusted, and comfortable speaking with the media.
  2. Where will you direct customers for ongoing updates? Always make it clear when and where you'll provide your next update.
  3. Who are your vulnerable groups and other priority audiences? Prioritize communicating with compromised/at-risk customer groups.
  4. What are your key messages? Use language a 5th grader could understand as people's ability to comprehend information drops sharply during times of stress.
  5. Are your FAQ's ready to go? Develop these in advance so they're ready to go when disaster strikes.
Are you ready
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