Does your electronics hobby help prepare you for a disaster?
As an electronics enthusiast (and possibly a licensed ham), you have a skill set that lends itself to recovering or assisting during any number of disasters, but you have to plan ahead and practice those skills so that you can bring them to bear when they're needed. Have you ever been involved in a situation where your electronics skills came into play during a disaster? Are you part of an organization where those skills may be called upon to assist?  

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The Zombie Apocalypse _ Are You Ready_

The power grid is down, there is no Internet, no cellular, and no landline communications, and killer zombies are on the loose. Or, maybe it's a hurricane, tornado, or earthquake. Could you leverage your skills in electronics to call for help, cook and preserve your food, and provide light? 
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Arduino Based Data Acquisition

I love data. Measuring things, plotting the results in a way to instantly visualize the behavior, and - most importantly - analyzing the results. This is especially exciting when I can collect the measurements by computer and utilize the power of easy-to-use yet powerful tools to perform the plotting and analysis.  
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Calculating Current Limiting Resistor Values for LED Circuits

The key to maximizing LED life is limiting the current that runs through it. This is frequently done with a simple resistor whose value is calculated using Ohm's Law. This article reviews how to apply Ohm's Law to single and clustered LED circuits. I have also provided an Excel spreadsheet to simplify - and speed up - the process.
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Resistors_ Types And Applications

An ohm is an ohm, right? Not so fast - there are many different types of resistors. To insure that your circuit works and stays working, use the right type of resistor. Learn about the common types of resistors and their special characteristics.   
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 A TV show on electronic espionage made mention of a device that could detect bugs, even when they were not operating. Do you know anything about this technology?
Making Everyday Electronics Work_ A Do-It-Yourself Guide
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Making Everyday Electronics Work: A Do-It-Yourself Guide 
Learn how electricity works and how to take care of the electronics and electrical systems around your house. 
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