Is your hiring process grounded in respect for each applicant? Does it represent your organization's culture?

The process of hiring new employees reflects the values, beliefs, and behaviors of the organization as a whole.  In a relationship-based organization, the hiring process must be as respectful and welcoming for candidates going through interviews as the organization's admissions process is for new patients. If our commitment to respectful care means that we wouldn't keep a patient waiting without information or fail to return a family member's phone call, that same commitment must extend to every person coming into our organization.

WEBINAR: From Burnout Back to Brilliance: What My Cancer Taught Me About Your Joy and Purpose

In this second conversation with former LA film executive, "Patient Lee" Tomlinson, we hear how "burnout" destroyed Lee's life and contributed to his cancer. Learn how his experience revealed the true meaning of joy - at work and everywhere. Lee's 
articulate, irreverent, and deeply empathetic style cuts through the normal patient experience narrative to get us to what matters most. 

Build Positivity in your Organization

Positivity has been linked to nearly endless health benefits, increased productivity, and less stress. Here are three simple ways to incorporate a practice of positivity into your workplace. Your organization's culture will improve, and everyone's day will be a little better.

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Infusing Meetings with Positive Energy

People in organizations often accomplish their goals through meetings. Meetings help us gain differing perspectives and come to a cohesive plan. Those meetings need not be filled with tedium. Part of the leader's role, whatever their position, is to bring hope and inspiration to meetings even as he or she keeps steady progress through the agenda.
Groups accomplish more and collaborate more fully when they get to know each other as people.  We at CHCM offer a best practice that instills positive energy, helps recognize progress, and creates connection between members.

Learn how to infuse meetings with positive energy.

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