Does your motivation hurt more than it helps?

Public displays of progress (or lack of it) risk humiliating some students.

Does your motivation hurt more than it helps?

Many teachers want to increase the motivation in Rocket Math by publicly displaying students' progress.  [Few do it as beautifully as the solar system bulletin board pictured above with individual rockets for each student.] But what happens to the students who cannot learn as easily as the fastest? 

Students learn at different rates and soon you will have some students FAR in advance of other students.  You will have some other students who are making very slow progress.  They may, in fact, be working as hard as they can, but they just need a lot more practice to pass a level. 
[I do recommend that students who appear to need more practice should get more every day, such as an extra session each day as a remediation, and to be encouraged to practice at home as well.]  But even so, the slower learners are going to be back on the early levels when other students are going to be at the top of the display.  That is going to look really bad to them, no matter how beautiful the display is.
In response to last week's blog on grading Rocket Math
Shannon Thornton writes:   
Please don't grade students based on progress in Rocket Math. If they are doing the same work and practice as everyone else and aren't progressing at the same speed they need encouragement not a lower grade. In my experience, some students will simply take longer to learn their facts. Its just so unfair to give the students who are not putting in any more effort than others the most encouragement.

Dr. Don agreed!
      Shannon, I couldn't agree more! Well said! Unfortunately, teachers often tell me they are "required" to grade Rocket Math. That being the case I think the grading system I laid out would give most students a good grade and the ones that are taking more than a week to pass would be getting a grade that indicates they need more help-they need an extra session each day. That's what grades are best for: helping the teacher and the parents notice when a student needs more assistance! You don't have to tell anyone the grades, but try it and see if my suggestion doesn't help you see who needs more practice sessions! 
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Dr. Don's Training Tips Video Clip

How to teach your students how to practice (11 min.)   
This is the secret ingredient to making sure your students practice and correct both errors and hesitations the right way.  I model how you as a teacher should teach your students how to practice.  If you do this right your students will have more success.
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