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The High Performing Team

Choosing Status or Expertise


In November of 2009, during a team meeting, Ryan McClure, a young marketing manager at the Institute for Health & Human Potential (IHHP), made a suggestion to senior leaders to investigate financing a virtual platform for our Emotional Intelligence training program. At the time, virtual learning was fairly new. It had potential for bridging geography (among other things) in the training and development field.


What was our response? Not very enthusiastic. I can speak for myself, as the President of IHHP, and tell you that we never really gave it the time of day that it deserved. We were in the middle of the global financial crisis and were feeling, like other training companies, squeezed by a significant drop in client budgets. Although Ryan had vast knowledge of the virtual world and he did push back at us, we ultimately rejected the idea. Luckily for us, Ryan took this decision gracefully!

This story is representative of a trap that, without being aware of it, many teams fall into when they are under pressure. After studying more than 12,000 people and teams over the last eight years and working with thousand's more in a training and coaching capacity, we have observed the patterns that emerge from the effects of pressure.


Read more of this story...you won't believe what you find out!


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