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Dog Bite Awareness & Prevention

Dog Bite Prevention: Understanding Dog Body Language
Dog Bite Prevention: Understanding Dog Body Language
Over 4 million... that's the number of dog bite incidents each year in the U.S. according to the Centers for Disease Control. The family dog or a neighbor's dog inflict nearly 80% of dog bite-related injuries to children aged 18 and under, with children aged 5-9 having the highest injury rate. The dogs 
often  end up in shelters, and many shelters will euthanize based on bite history.

To reduce the number of bite-related injuries, Michigan Pet Fund Alliance has launched a Dog Bite Awareness and Prevention campaign on our website. The site features educational resources including a new video produced by MPFA explaining dog body language. The video features voiceover by Peter Carey, star of the smash hit play "Ernie" by Mitch Albom. 

MPFA chairperson Deborah Schutt said, "The key to preventing dog bites is responsible pet ownership and education. Our goal with this campaign is to make our communities safer, free up resources in our shelters, and save more dogs' lives." 

Contact info@michiganpetfund.org if you are interested in distributing this video to schools, daycares, pediatricians, or other interested groups. 

MI Legislation to End Breed Discrimination

Make Michigan Next SB 741
Make Michigan Next, an advocacy group that has been working for four years to end breed discrimination in our state, thinks that 2018  may  be the year!   

Recent bills introduced in the Michigan Senate make up a comprehensive public safety package that would eliminate breed discrimination by municipalities,  hold reckless owners of animals responsible for the behavior of their animals, and provide protections to dog victims seized from abusive fighting situations. 

Senate Bill 741 (2018) would  "prohibit a local unit of government from enacting or  enforcing an ordinance, policy, resolution, or rule that regulates  a dog based upon the breed or perceived breed of the dog." 

Senate bills 708, 709 and 710 were also introduced to complement SB 741 in promoting public safety in Michigan.

If you are a Michigan resident, encourage your Senator to vote for these bills  that would protect families and pets in our state. 

Use the convenient form provided by Best Friends Legislative Action Center to contact your Senator. 

Workshop: Increasing Survival Rates of Rescued Kittens

Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue logo
Registration is now open for a workshop in Ann Arbor hosted by Certified Rescue Michigan Orphan Kitten Rescue featuring the National Kitten Coalition.

"Increasing Survival Rates of Rescued Kittens" will cover the critical steps needed to save the youngest kittens. It is open to rescues, fosters, vet techs and shelters, and qualifies for RACE continuing education credits for credentialed veterinary technicians.

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The list of  topics  is here

Details are:
  • Saturday, March 10 / 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Holiday Inn Express, 3155 Boardwalk, Ann Arbor 48108 
  • Cost is $50 and includes continental breakfast, box lunch and program materials
  • Space is limited to 60 attendees
 Register here

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The single mission of Michigan Pet Fund Alliance is to stop the killing of healthy and treatable homeless cats and dogs in Michigan shelters. 
MPFA is an all-volunteer organization collaborating with shelter and rescue organizations to achieve No Kill through training, technical  assistance,
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