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August 2012
Your Prana Recipe of the Month

Hari Har Singh's Watermelon Cooler

  • Watermelon
  • 6 Limes
  • 1 handful of fresh Mint
  • Black Salt or Sea Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Optional: Ice Cubes 

Directions: Fill up the 2-3 Qt. blender with 1-2 inch chunks of watermelon.
Squeeze in all of the limes.
Add mint and a pinch or 2 of black salt or sea salt & black pepper.
Blend until frothy.

Optional addition of 1 cup of ice before blending or pour over ice.

Great way to rehydrate yourself on these dog days of Summer.


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Dear Praanees*,
Sat Nam! Happy August!  

I have a special treat from a dear friend, Vicki Draper, who is an expert on healing animals and their humans. The sacred relationship between human and beast is miraculous and knows no bounds. Here is Laci, my daughter's new puppy The loving energy between them electric! Laci's unconditional love for Ramajot Kaur is so good for her self esteem and her natural need/desire to give and receive affection. A great match!
Most of us are fortunate to have  animals in our lives, they bring such joy and light. Vicki has created a beautiful & informative article about how you can go beyond the basics of animal care and become a conscious loving pet companion.
Stay Cool!
Harsimrit Kaur
 "The tie between us and God is the ray of light called Praana. That is why the human is called Praanee~ One who lives by the grace of Praana."
       Yogi Bhajan 


Prana for Pets!

Are your animals like a member of your family?


Are you interested in doing what is best for your animal's health?


Are you ready to discover simple shifts to provide great value to your beloved animal companions?


Hi, my name is Vicki Draper, International Vibrational Energy Healing Expert for People and Animals.  I have a strong connection with animals that was a gift I was born with.  My passion is helping animals live their best quality of lives while providing great loving, bonding companions with you.  What you may not realize is that hat you may not realize is that your animals have "prana" just like you do.


You do things to nourish your soul and body.  This also applies to your animals. 

When you nourish your soul and body, you are helping your animals because you are increasing the vitality of your prana.  Your animals resonate with the level of your prana in addition to their own.  When you emit a higher vibration, your animals resonate with this.


I'm here to help you realize taking some extra steps for your animals is very important and the rewards are priceless.  Extra quality of life for them ensures extra bonding time with more purrs, woofs and smiles having them around in great health longer. Read Entire Article! 

Where is Harsimrit?

9/6-11  Dunnellon FL: Visit with HHS's Family:)


9/12-16 Ft. Lauderdale FL: EnergyRich SOAR Event


9/20-24 Minneapolis,MN: Visit with my Dear Friend! 

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  • Becoming more energetically & spiritually aligned and aware.
  • Ready to Receive the Supportive Self-Care 
  • Beyond Ready to experience the physical and energetic manifestations of your Hard Work.
  • Willing to do deep cleansing work,  explore, move forward and transform.
    If you are saying Yes!, and would like to talk to me about how.
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Harsimrit Kaur
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