Meet Bailey

What is her breed/s?

Bailey’s breed is most likely a pit-bull/Dalmatian/mutt mix, but we are not sure.

Does she have any “siblings”?

Bailey has a “brother” whose name is Stark.

What are her favorite activities?

Bailey likes to chase squeaky tennis balls and she likes to eat anything that isn’t a fruit or a vegetable.

What is her favorite thing to eat?

She likes quesadillas and anything that has chicken in it.

Who is her best friend (person or dog) in the office?

Her best friends in the office are Harris and Chief.

What tricks or commands does she know?

Bailey knows how to sit, shake, and lay down.

What’s her favorite toy?

She loves squeaky tennis balls.

What’s her favorite place to go?

Bailey’s favorite place is the beach because she loves to swim in the surf and loves to chase Stark.