Meet Jet

What is his breed/s?

Goldendoodle (F1 Golden Retriever x Poodle)

Does he have any “siblings"?

Not yet...

What are his favorite activities?

Swimming, playing fetch and playing “hide the ball” under his bed!!

What is his favorite thing to eat?  

favorite is Raw Goat’s Milk, and any treat that his Gam Gam has on hand at work!

Who is his best friend (person or dog) in the office?

Well, Evans is his best friend because Jet gets to sit in his lap, but he LOVES anyone!!! And, his best “dog” friend is Gracie.

What tricks or commands does he know? 

He can sit, shake, pound it, down and that’s about it.

What’s his favorite toy?  

Anything that squeaks (unfortunately).

What’s his favorite place to go? 

The creek or lake!