Meet Molly

What is her breed/s?

Molly is an English Shepherd or Collie-Dog. These dogs are similar to a Border collie or an Austrian Shepherd.These dogs are most extremely intelligent, hard working and best known for their herding capabilities. They originated from Great Britain. Their origin theory is that the ancestors of the Collies were first brought to Great Britain by Roman conquerors in 43 A.D. The Romans were possibly the greatest dog breeders of the Ancient World and developed a number of different specialized breeds, including a number of different herding dogs.

Does she have any “siblings"?

Molly was one of eight in the litter. I don’t know where the others went, except for one who is herding a thousand head of cattle in Canada somewhere.
What are her favorite activities?

Molly’s favorite game is Frisbee. Although she also likes long hikes in the woods. 

What is her favorite thing to eat?  

We only feed Molly dog food; she never gets anything but that. In the office one of the girls feeds her “chicken treats” she loves those.

Who is her best friend (person or dog) in the office?

Jennifer – she feeds her the chicken treats.

What tricks or commands does she know? 

She knows a number of different commands but sit, shake, and patty cake. That’s both paws in the air at the same time.

What’s her favorite toy?  

Besides the Frisbee – a Truducken – part turkey, part duck and part chicken: 
What’s her favorite place to go? 

She loves going to the lake where she can be outside most of the time.