April 2020 Update 2
Dog days, good ones, remembered
Before the coronavirus came along, a licensed therapy dog at ProAct in Red Wing was drawing attention, and winning hearts. Her name is Como.

“I can bring her, and the very next day they’re asking when she’s coming back,” said direct service professional Char Dudley. The German shepherd is the second therapy animal to grace ProAct’s campus, the first being a great Dane some years ago. -more-
People can't wait to get back to ProAct, one pleads with governor
In Red Wing, the story at ProAct is much the same each day.

“We hear time and time again from the participants, their home staff and their family members how much they want to be working,” said Case Manager Heidi Befort. “We get a lot of phone calls and also hear from them during conference calls or Skype meetings.”

Befort provided a phone screen shot of one participant's requests. Debra Kallin had this to say: “Governor Tim, Do we have to stay home again until this Virus stops? I don’t like this at all. I need to work. I need to walk on the elliptical. I can get my exercise in and my steps in. Please let us go back to work. Thanks."

The Oxborough family in Shakopee said their daughter, Sarah, has been very quiet but is on a schedule at home. She's prepping a garden for spring -more-
Chelsea Greene
In Eagan, Adult Day Services participant Chelsea Greene said, "I miss understanding emotions (class) with Emily, I miss library class with Robyn and I really miss my case coordinator, Olivia."
Comments posted on Facebook:

  • "Anxious for ProAct to be able to reopen! Love ProAct. My daughter Amy is so blessed to be a part of your program," said Connie Burch.
  • "Aww, Soph. This is equally difficult for your staff. Working with all of you is the best part of my day!" Cindy Marie Andersen Berg in Eagan.
  • Employment specialist Cindy Besonnie responded to Laurie, a participant in Shakopee who was missing lunches with her friends. "I miss you, your smile, your sense of humor and the sweet hugs!
Debra has some requests for Gov. Walz
ProAct is planning for full operations on May 11.
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Grant from Old National Bank Foundation to assist operations
ProAct was pleased to receive a $10,000 grant from Old National Bank Foundation. Funds will help cover operating costs in light of the challenges presented by COVID-19.
Participants support DSPs for Day at the Capitol
Participants from ProAct's Adult Day Services program in Eagan, above left, attended the Disability Services Day at the Capitol rally in March. More than 1,500 people involved in the disability community attended. They rallied in support of direct support professionals. Above right, catch the video recap from MOHR, ProAct's state association.
Bill in St. Paul would help providers to resume normal programming
Minnesota Senate File 3694 in the Human Services Reform Finance and Policy Committee calls for emergency funds to be extended to ProAct and similar day service providers. This will help them to resume normal programming when the COVID-19 stay at home order changes. ProAct's state association, MOHR , is issuing Action Alerts to keep people updated. Now is a good time to share your concerns with legislators Stay updated with emails from MOHR ,
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