"Dogs are better than human beings because they know but do not tell."

Doggie Dates:
Tips for Trips with your Pets

The summer is the perfect time of year for adventuring near  and far! And we know you'll want to bring your furry friend with  you, so we put together a list of tips for trips with your pets!

Car Travel

You and Spot are headed to the closest doggie beach, which  might be upwards of two or three hours away! This is  manageable for you of course, but pets are notorious for  getting restless in the car on longer trips. While many pets find  that sticking their head out of the window to be the best part of  a road trip, it sadly isn't safe. If you decide to crate your pet for  the road, make sure they get enough time to run around and  burn off some energy before beginning the journey! It would  also be smart to pack everything that your pet needs on a day- to-day basis. This could be everything from travel food and  water bowls, bedding, litter and litter box, collar and tags, toys  and medications.

Hikes, Beaches or Lakes

When spending sometime outside with your furry friend,  especially in the hot summer months, it is extremely important  to bear in mind the limits of yourself and your pet. Often times,  on a walk or hike, the ground may become too hot for your pet  to walk comfortably and you might be able to notice the signs of heat  stroke in pets:
        • Rapid panting
        • Bright red tongue
        • Thick, sticky saliva
        • Weakness
        • Vomiting
        • Diarrhea
You most likely already are aware of whether or not your pet  likes to swim, but a new location might throw them for a loop.  If your pet is tentative to enter the water, give them time to  warm up to it - they may feel more comfortable if you head in  first then call them.


If you want to bring your pet with you on a boat for sight  seeing, fishing or alike, give them time to familiarize  themselves with their new space. Before you head out, let them  explore and then turn the engine on so that they can become  comfortable to the sound and smell. If your pet isn't the  strongest swimmer, a pet-life jacket could always come in  handy. Much like car travel, be sure to pack your pet's day-to- day items, food, toys, etc. Potty breaks will certainly be  necessary, so bring a litter box and litter for your cat but if land  isn't a feasible option for your dog, bring a portable dog potty  for them.

This summer, take note of these tips as you enjoy adventuring  with your pets! And if you find yourself adventuring without your  pet, be sure to give us a call so you can be sure that they are  getting the attention they need!


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