Adoptathon in Grass Valley + Woorstock in Rocklin...FUN! 
Dear Scooter's Pals,
 We want you and your dog to join us this Saturday!
Dogs _ Pals at July Adoptathon
Some of us Pals and dogs (both foster and adopted!) having fun last month.
  • Saturday August 27, 2016   
  • 11 AM - 2 PM
  • Petco
  • 672 Freeman Lane, Grass Valley
    (in Raley's Shopping Center)
Our August Grass Valley Adoptathon is this coming Saturday (the 4th Saturday of the month) at Petco in the Raley's Shopping Center on Freeman lane.
Fosters, remember we'll have supplies for your dog:
  • Dog food
  • Heart worm & flea and tick meds
Note: Remind Sally that you will need an extra set of hands if you are bringing more than one dog. You can call and leave a message for Sally at our office phone 530) 350-2099.

Woofstock...In Rocklin...This Weekend!!

Woofstock® is the largest outdoor festival for dogs in North America!

It's happening in Rocklin, CA this weekend -- Friday evening and Sunday 9 AM to 2 PM (but not on Saturday)...Woof Woof!

Woofstock was the first festival to allow people to celebrate their dogs, indulge them, party with them and let them show off their special talents in fun and wacky contests and fashion shows. And you'll find a wide range of toys, dog fashions, accessories, treats and services for dogs that you often can't find anywhere else.

Come join Scooter's Pals with your dog! for an entertaining, funny, day!

Woofstock flyer-1

Woofstock flyer-2

Check out this Woofstock video!

The Rocklin website & event schedule

For information on Scooter's Pals at Woofstock, contact
Krista at or Susan at

Thkank You

A special Thank You to all of you wonderful, warm hearted, generous d og lovers, for ALL that you do for the d ogs!

We (and they) are blessed indeed!
Susan Wallace, Fou nder
Spread the word for Saber, and help if you can!    

Saber is an incredible boy, full of life and love. Rescued once before, he wasstable and happy with his owner until she passed away three months ago. He was once again dumped at a shelter. Saber suffers from a long history of horrific cluster seizures. During this time many of his needs other than the basics were neglected and he did not receive his seizure medication or dental care either.

Saber's lack of oral care resulted in a deep infection that ate away at the roof of his mouth into his nasal cavity. It was incredibly painful, severely affecting his quality of life. But even when his pain became unbearable with that secondary infection, somehow Saber continued to find joy in his life.
Saber recovering

On July 28, Scooter's Pals provided Saber a two hour reconstructive surgery. Because of massive infection in his gums, all his teeth except two had to be extracted. Saber is slowly recovering now, safe and gaining strength with the love of his foster family.

Will you be a part of Saber's journey? Every dog matters. Please help Scooter's Pals pay Saber's vet bills and give this brave, sweet dog the special care he needs as he recovers.

Please donate to Saber's GoFundMe page and help by spreading the word to others. It's up to us to help this dog. Blessings for whatever you can do!
A Common Food Additive is Deadly For Dogs!

Dog parents are being warned about giving their dogs peanut butter, a common treat most of us feed our dogs without thinking. However, with the rise of artificial sweeteners comes a serious danger to dogs!

Xylitol, a sugar alcohol derivative used in lieu of sugar, has been showing up in nut butters. While safe for humans, xylitol can cause a sudden drop in blood sugar for dogs, sending them into hypoglycemic shock and possibly lead to liver failure.


The most common nut butter containing xylitol is Nut-N-More, a peanut butter with added protein, chia seeds, and other items to help up the nutrition without adding calories. Pet owners should make sure to read the label carefully when purchasing nut butter, or any other sugar-free product that contains xylitol, including sugar-free gum, toothpaste, yogurts, and other products with no or reduced sugar.

September 17 in Citrus Heights!

Sierra Nevada German Shepherd Rescue has invited Scooter's Pals to share their Adoptathon at PETCO in Citrus Heights Saturday, Sept. 17, 11 AM to 2 PM.

This wonderful German Shepherd rescue has recently partnered with us in several dog rescues. We are so happy to share this doggy event with them and urge all you Pals to attend with your dogs and join in the fun!

For more information, contact Mary Caldwell at

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www * (530) 350-2099 
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