Dear Friends,

With hope that your loved ones continue to be safe, I am writing today with a significant update. With the expected surge of COVID-19 patients in acute-care hospitals and the rush for scarce beds, the issue of post-acute preparedness has become an urgent question: Where will COVID-19 patients go to recover? Spaulding’s answer: Come here.

My management “command center” team has planned and worked steadily behind the scenes to repurpose an entire floor at Spaulding Hospital Cambridge—known for its excellence in complex care—into what is now a fully dedicated, 60-bed Spaulding COVID-19-capable unit .

The 24/7 commitment of our clinical care teams and staff to ensure the safest transformation of that space—both for our existing patients and incoming COVID-19 patients—was nothing short of remarkable. This is the kind of decisive action and urgent investment that is needed every day now, with your continued help. 
Sadly but inevitably, we know those 60 beds will be filled all too soon. That’s why we are not stopping . As I write, plans are underway to establish a second dedicated COVID-19 unit at Spaulding Cambridge. In addition, Spaulding and Mass General Brigham leaders are working with city and state officials to transform skilled nursing homes and major public venues across Massachusetts into COVID-19-capable recovery facilities, with Spaulding’s expert input. 

We must be prepared . As we completed last week’s mobilization effort in Cambridge, our Vice President of Hospital Operations Joanne Fucile documented the steps—the specialized training, infection control procedures, and emergency facility enhancements—that will keep patients and health workers safe. That expertise and resolve were summed up in a Post-It note—with the single word “Ready”—on the door of a room waiting for the next COVID-19 patient.

In this period of crisis, I thank you for helping Spaulding to be ready at all times. I have been moved by the immediate support many of you extended through kind messages and donations to our Emergency Response Fund . Your giving is helping us do our part, as we always have and always must—especially now.

With gratitude,

David E. Storto
President, Partners Continuing Care & Spaulding Rehabilitation Network

P.S. The opening of Spaulding’s new COVID-19 unit was featured on WBUR , NBC 10 Boston and other media outlets—click to learn more.
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