Issue 6.49
December 4, 2020
Meet Tidewater Utilities, Inc.
2020 Superstars in Business
Doing right for communities when disaster strikes isn’t easy. When COVID-19 began to spread across Delaware, ensuring uninterrupted water service to support public health protection became Tidewater’s primary focus. As essential workers, they continued to operate plants, monitor water quality, and maintain infrastructure.

Tidewater Utilities also leapt into action by providing support to Delawareans who became unemployed and relying on food pantries to support their families. By double-matching employee contributions to nonprofits, Tidewater was able to donate funds that helped provide critical equipment for first responders and support replenishing food banks.

The company’s reaction to the pandemic is not new for Tidewater, it
is consistent with Tidewater’s ongoing commitment to support its community
and involve employees in volunteering initiatives that play a role in maintaining and shaping the future of Delaware. Read more >
Watch their video:
184th Annual Dinner
Our economy has been stressed since the start of the pandemic and continued uncertainty is the reality as we enter 2021. Every business was impacted by the spread of COVID-19, some more severely than others. This has challenged business models, closed some businesses, and opened opportunities for others. As we continue to navigate an ongoing pandemic and economic realities, what will 2021 look like? James E. Glassman, managing director with JPMorgan Chase and head economist for Chase Commercial Banking, will explore what recovery will look like, what changes to business models are here to stay, and what practices may revert to the “old normal.”
A Well Executed Strategy
Trumps Technology
A well-executed plan is foundational to thriving. Most have goals, but execution may be inconsistent, poorly communicated, or confusing. If this sounds like you, it is OK. Everyone must start somewhere. Amazon started by just selling books. They learned to walk before running. No matter where you are on your business journey, there are opportunities ahead. Read more >
Understanding the role of office
environments when returning to work

As more employees return to the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic, understanding the role office environments play is extremely important. A critical element to any office/workspace is air circulation within the space, and how it can be designed, constructed, and controlled to reduce the risk of spreading contaminated aerosols. DEDC, LLC and Wohlsen Construction have collaborated on projects that involve sophisticated solutions to the distribution of air and the control of infectious airborne pathogens within an office building that meaningfully contribute to worker safety during this challenging time. Read more >
Your premium—how much you pay for your health insurance coverage each month—helps cover the costs of the medications and care you receive and improves health care affordability, access and quality for everyone. Here is where your health care dollar really goes. Learn more >
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