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Dear CSC,

The White House is concerned about our health and is asking everyone to take steps that could save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Today, we, at Cancer Support Community Arizona, are answering that call to action and invite you to join us. There are a number of cancers that can be detected through routine screenings, however, studies show that nearly 10 million routine cancer screenings were missed as a result of the pandemic. Delayed and missed screenings can result in cancer being caught later and diagnosed at more advanced stages. So, if you have put off a screening like a mammogram or colonoscopy due to COVID-19, now is the time to reschedule.

“[Had] I not had the screenings, I would not have found it. It was way deep inside and I had no other signs or symptoms. So I was grateful that I was able to have a mammogram to catch it quickly and get into my treatment quickly and right now I am cancer free.”

     — Jennifer, diagnosed with breast cancer

If you are not yet up to date on your routine cancer screenings, it’s OK. You can get back on track today — and help others do the same: 

  • Click Take the Pledge below to learn more about which routine screenings are available, hear how a routine mammogram saved one woman’s life, and take the pledge to #GetScreened.
  • Invite your friends and family to take the pledge to #GetScreened and find out more about the importance of routine cancer screenings. 
  • Forward this email and repost our social media messages on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Take The Pledge: https://www.cancersupportcommunity.org/getscreened

If you are up to date on your routine screenings, you can still take the pledge to get screened and help us spread the word that screenings save lives.

Please help us reach even more people with this crucial message. Join us and the thousands of people answering the White House's call to action to get screened for cancer. Each of us has the power to help increase routine screenings.

Have more questions before or after getting screened? Our Helpline is here to help. Call (888) 793-9355 to connect with a licensed healthcare professional. 

Let's #GetScreened!

Debbie DiCarlo

Chief Executive Officer

Cancer Support Community Arizona

Click below to take the pledge to catch up or stay up to date on your routine cancer screenings.


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