June 2014

Doing right by our patients by Choosing Wisely

Choosing Wisely Canada logo


North York General Hospital is the first Canadian hospital to support and launch the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign. 

This campaign is aimed at helping physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.
Dr. Donna McRitchie, Vice President of Medical and Academic Affairs and a General Surgeon and Intensivist at North York General, explains why our hospital is a proud partner in the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign.

Read Dr. Donna McRitchie's article.

Mental health illness: Dr. Thomas Ungar answers 5 questions 

Couple speaking with a physician.


Mental health illnesses affect about 450 million people around the world. It can be difficult to recognize the signs and symptoms of a mental health illness in a friend or loved one.

Dr. Thomas Ungar, Chief of Psychiatry and Medical Director, Mental Health Program at North York General Hospital, helps answer 5 questions about this important topic. 

Read the 5 questions and answers on mental health illnesses.


Celebrating education at North York General Hospital 
North York General Hospital has a long-standing tradition and commitment to medical and health professional education.

To celebrate our proud academic history, North York General Hospital will be holding Teaching and Learning Week June 16 to 20. New this year is the launch of the Centre for Education, which is designed to be NYGH's educational hub.
Did you know?
  • North York General partners with 36 different academic institutions, including the University of Toronto, to prepare future physicians, nurses and other health care professionals. 
  • More than 240 physicians at NYGH have faculty appointments in the Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto. 

Roving Reporter: Tips on treating sprains from Dr. Arun Sayal


Emergency Physician Dr. Arun Sayal, North York General Hospital

In this video with our Roving Reporter, Emergency Physician Dr. Arun Sayal gives advice on sprains, a common summer sports injury. Find out when to treat at home and when to see a doctor.   


Watch the video on treating sprains. 




Must-have items for your first aid kit     
Every home needs a first aid kit.


Minor injuries can happen at any time, from paper cuts, scrapes to surface burns. That's why every home needs a first aid kit.  

Norman Tang
, Pharmacist at North York General Hospital, recommends a few important items to always keep at home.  


Find out what to include in your first aid kit. 


North York General Hospital has become a smoke-free environment.
A breath of fresh air in a smoke-free space 

North York General Hospital has a wonderful outdoor space with beautiful gardens and trees, and picnic tables to enjoy lunch or a light snack. As the weather gets warmer and people are enjoying more time outdoors, please help keep our hospital a smoke-free space and litter free