Straight Talk: the Numbers

Dear Ella Jenkins fans,

Things are moving in the right direction on the campaign trail.

If you haven't yet, I want to ask you to forward this update to 10 of your friends who love music, children, or the arts. Include a little note at the top about why you're a supporter. Depending on what you write, it'll take you 3 minutes, tops.

It's worth 3 minutes to preserve Ella Jenkins legacy, isn't it?

Today we crossed the $30,000 threshold. This amount means that we can get some of the important footage we need this fall, but it doesn't seal the deal for the production.

We need to hit our goal to keep this film on track. Only your sharing of this campaign can ensure it will happen.

There are more than 600 people on this email list. About half will read this message. If just those people could give a $50 donation to the campaign this week, we'd raise $15,000.

If they could each find one person who would donate $50, we'd be well within reach, and I have no doubt we'd hit our goal by Tuesday the 30th.

The weekend comes fast, and it's gone ever faster. The campaign will be over by this time next week. I encourage you to act now, before we run out of time for the campaign, and the film.


Matching Gifts Wanted

Want to be a hero for Ella's story? Nominate yourself or your organization as a matching gift donor for this campaign. Contact me directly at to make the match. 

New Perk: Heather McAdams Art!

Chicago's music cartoon queen, Heather McAdams, just made this wonderful drawing of Ella Jenkins! For a donation of $25, you'll receive a set of greeting cards of this exclusive image made just for this campaign.

More Perks !


For a full list of perks, please visit the campaign page.


One More Day for the Current Backer Contest

The contest is for a signed copy of Ella's award-winning latest release, More Multicultural Children's Songs is on til tomorrow at midnight. Any $50+ donation to the Indiegogo campaign will be entered to win.

Thanks so much. We're almost there! Thank you for keeping our campaign moving! More good press is coming soon- and we hope good news too!

In Song and Rhythm,
Tim Ferrin
Producer/Director Ella Jenkins: We'll Sing a Song Together
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