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Hey Dolls, with news hue can use, this is Ellen, your “Black Mail” AmBossadoll!
Hey, Dolls, hey! Autumn leaves kisses and harvest moon wishes! Xo, Mama Doll
Pictured Above: Henryetta Baby Doll, Ashley.
Pictured above: Henryetta and Mama Doll
Dr. Fauci recommends ‘uniform wearing of masks.'

Mama Doll recently appointed AmBossadoll Meshanda Johnson to the role of "Directing AmBossadoll of The Black Doll Affair’s LOL Department". Meshanda is in charge of tickling our funny bones, she’ll deliver jokes via her weekly post of "Sunday Funnies" which is what’s funny in and around our dolling world!

Pictured: Honorary Black Doll Brotha, Shuler King, Black Doll Brotha Peter and Mama Doll
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
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Did hue miss out on making history in the last Georgia election?
Well, it ain't too late to be who hue were meant to be and more importantly, HQ Black Dolls, it ain't over yet! It ain't everyday that we chick chat to the Democratic Dolls of BDA. But, THIS is THAT! That part! That thing in life that matters. Democrats will have 48 seats in the next Senate, while Republicans will have 50. So that leaves the two Senate seats from Georgia to determine control of the chamber in a rare double-barreled runoff election nearly two months from now. If hue helped vote in the Biden/Harris ticket, thank hue! If hue want them to be the CHANGE hue want to see, then join me, Mama Doll, Stacey Abrams, VP Elect Kamala Harris, LaTosha Brown and Cliff Albright (co-founders of Black Voters Matter) and help to get out the vote in January. Here's how:

Get an unregistered eligible voter registered to vote by Dec 7th.
Commit to being responsible in ensuring that newly registered voter votes
Partner to Vote with someone 
Follow the leaders: