January 2017
What will 2017 bring? How about a wealthier you! Don't fret, saving up this year does not have to be hard. Did you know just  saving 0.75 cents a day will yield over $270? Not bad for pocket change.
Want to save more? Need some ideas? Keep reading below.
Complete the chart!
How much will you save at Weeks 4? Week 8? Week 12?
WEEK 2 $10.50
WEEK 3 $15.75
WEEK 5 $26.25
WEEK 6 $31.50
WEEK 7 $36.75
WEEK 8 $
WEEK 9 $47.25
WEEK 10 $52.50
WEEK 11 $ 57.75


 It's great you have decided to save money this year. Now that you have an idea of how much you can save, it is time to set up your plan. It can be easy to give up. However, with a little planning you can make 2017 your richest year yet!
Answer these questions below and share it with your parents.
Why do you want to save money?
What are your short-term savings goals?
What are your long-term savings goal?
What will help you keep saving?
Do some chores. Earn some cash.
Every day you have the same routine: Make your bed. Feed the dog. Take out the trash. Same boring chores, right? WRONG!  Work with your parents to create a chore chart. Just make job list and assign a price for each task. Your parents will see you learn financial responsibility, time and money management. They get a responsible kid...you get cold hard cash.
Mom and Kid Chores 2017
Head Start Youth Certificate

Our Head Start Youth Certificate is a six-month CD for young members through high school graduation.
The Head Start Certificate helps teach longer-term savings goal setting. It only takes $ 25 to open a Head Start CD, and young member may make additional deposits in $25 increments at any time during the six-month term.
  • Available to youth members through high school graduation
  • Minimum to open: $25
  • Maximum deposit amount:$1,000
  • Term: 6 months
  • Deposit at any time in $25 increments
  • FREE Head Start Certificate for Expectant mothers

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