Before you ring in the new year, will you help people spend more time in the community?
As 2018 draws to a close, we are thankful for you and the role you play in PAI's community. With your help, PAI participants can spend more time in the community in 2019 and beyond! And when you donate right now, your gift will be matched up to $12,000 thanks to the generosity of the Deeney Sisters Fund.

See below for more details about PAI's Out and About Campaign. Wishing you and yours the very best!
Bonus $12,000
Gifts received by December 31, 2018 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $12,000 by the Deeney Sisters Fund!
Out and About Campaign
Expanding time in the community means more places to learn, more opportunities to contribute and more time to have fun.
Shelly and Erin enjoy the outdoors at Axdahl's Farm
"It makes me happy to go out into the community. It makes me happy to see people," shares Sandy via her communication book.

Sandy loves to get out into the community, but sometimes it's a challenge. Outings are often cut short because there isn't an appropriate place to take care of her personal support needs. Whether it's time to receive medication through her gastronomy tube or safely and discreetly change her protective undergarments, Sandy's personal support needs often require a trip to be shortened or not happen at all. Outings are also cut short due to limited vehicle availability.

You can help change that! With your support, you can help Sandy and other PAI participants get into the community more often and stay in the community longer.

Engaging in the community is an importtant part of a fulfilling life. We all desire a sense of belonging, of being part of the community in which we live. PAI currently provides shorter daily community outings including trips to popular stores, volunteering at community nonprofits, visiting favorite restaurants, and more. Longer outings provide greater opportunity to practice life skills, interact with other people, contribute to the community and just have fun!

"Pushing the ball makes me laugh," says Patty when talking about going bowling at Pinz.
Your contribution to PAI's Out and About Campaign will help expand community outings by:

  • Purchasing two used, lift-equipped vehicles and outfitting them as Mobile Care Vans. Equipment includes a comfortable, padded changing table and an electric lift to safely transfer individuals from wheelchairs to the table. Mobile Care Vans also provide secure, private space for medication and nutrition needs.
  • Funding four accessible vehicles (one for each PAI site) to provide much-needed transportation for longer community outings, community-based employment and other life-enriching activities.

With your help, PAI will be on its way to raising the $54,000 needed to help Sandy and her friends get Out and About . Will you make a gift today to help PAI provide longer community outings and more access to transportation throughout the year? Your gift will make a meaningful difference in the lives of people like Sandy.

Gifts received by December 31, 2018 will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $12,000 by the Deeney Sisters Fund!
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