*NEXT WEEK, 10/14 - 10/18: AMICO & NASTARIN

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  • PFA President's Message
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  • Annual Fund Drive
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MON 10/7:
*Box Tops classroom contest starts
*Party Book goes LIVE!

TUE 10/8:
*Coffee & Conversation with Principal Cortina & our new counsleor, Mrs. Baldi, 7:45-8:20am, MPR
*PFA Monthly Meeting, 8:30-9:30am, MPR

WED 10/9:
*No School - Fall Recess

FRI 10/18:
* Box Tops classroom contest ends
*Bagel-in-a-Bag 5th Grade fundraiser, 7:45-8:15am, in front of school/carline

MON 10/21:
*No School - Staff Development

FRI 10/25:
*Bay Laurel 's 1st Annual Trunk-or-Treat, 6pm-8pm, on the field

MON -FRI 10/28-11/1:
*Red Ribbon Week & Bay Laurel Book Fair

THU 10\31:
*All-School Halloween Parade, 8:30-9:30am, black top

FRI 11\1:
*50/50 Candy Split, 7:45-8:15am, in front of school/carline
A Note from our PFA President, Dawn Sue-Dare
Am I the only one who can't believe we've already completed ONE MONTH of school? :) The Autumnal Equinox has come and gone...that means we're officially in "Fall"!

MAHALO to the following parents for their help with these important events in the month of September: Jasmine Motazedi (Room Parent Orientation/Training); Sandhya Kawatra (New Parent Welcome Coffee); Ravit Kozar & family (New Parent Welcome Mixer); Jodie Katofsky & Tiffany Lawrence (Walk-to-School Day); and Tricia DeTuno (Fall Picture Day). Special thanks to Colby Bekhor, Bonnie Muler & Melissa Wimmer (AFD Team) for the countless hours spent organizing and tallying all of our AFD donations, and for their tireless efforts since before school began!

Don't forget: Party Book goes LIVE tomorrow! Register now and check out all the great events - remember that 100% of all ticket sales go to our school!

I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone at our upcoming events this month: our October PFA Meeting (Tuesday, 10/8 @ 8:30AM in the MPR); at 5th Grade's Bagel-in-a-Bag (Friday, 10/18 @ 7:45AM in morning car line); Bay Laurel's 1st Annual Trunk-or-Treat (Friday, 10/25 @ 6:00PM on the field); the All-School Halloween Parade (Thursday, 10/31 @ 8:30AM); and the 50/50 Candy Split the morning after Halloween (Friday, 11/1 @ 7:45AM in car line, hosted by Girl Scout Troops 1836 & 3606).

Last, but not least: a HUGE MAHALO to the families who have already participated in our Annual Fund Drive (AFD). Your contributions make a world of difference at our school, and we cannot thank you enough!


Dawn Sue-Dare
2019-20 PFA President

Counselor's Corner with Ms. Baldi
Hi Bay Laurel Families! I hope you are having a great start to the school year. This month we will be focusing on the disposition of Mindfulness and Thoughtfulness. As the school year forges ahead and we navigate through life’s busy schedules and demands, it’s helpful to pause and take note of how to foster a calm presence for ourselves, our children and our relationships with others. Reminding our children to be mindful of their words, actions and deeds, sets a good foundation that will help build strong character throughout their life.

  “In today’s rush, we all think too much-seek too much-want too much-and forget about the joy of just being.” -Eckhart Tolle

This month the counseling program will begin the Second Step Social Skills program in our Journey and Kindergarten classes, and the Peaceful Players Program will be starting soon. We will also be starting lunchtime clubs to help children connect to others with a variety of options, and could use parents to help support those clubs.

Here are a couple Mindfulness tips for the month:

Mindfulness tools to try with kids :
1. Share a 3-breath hug.                                                         
2. Go on a mindful nature walk together pointing out sights and sounds along the way. 
3. Practice kind thoughts by asking your child to think of 5 people they’d like to send kind wishes to. 

Thank you for stopping by the Counselor’s Corner. I look forward to working with your children and invite you to contact me with any questions, concerns, or thoughts. I am on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00am to 3:00pm, and Wednesdays from 9:00am to 12:30pm.

Thank you,
Cheryl Baldi
School Counselor
Our Annual Fund Drive was a huge success thanks to the generosity of the families listed below.  Our school reached 90% participation and 5 classes reached 100%!   The lucky classes that will participate in a special activity with Ms. Cortina are: Alfonso, Amico, Horne, Juarez, and Rosen.  With your generous donations, we were able to raise almost $300,000.  These funds go directly to our students and will ensure our children's education continues to be at it's best. Thank you to all who contributed! While our class competition is over, it is never too late to donate. If you forgot to turn in your form, please turn it in anytime. If you donated at a bronze level or higher and did not receive your magnet, please pick one up in the office. Also, if your company has a matching program, please email us at BayLaurelAFD@gmail.com . Donor receipt letters will be coming home in the next couple of weeks.  
Abdoh, Abrams, Achi, Afshari, Ahmadi, Aizenberg, Amar, Aminian, Andonian, Andrikian, Ansaldi, Arasteh, Arenas, Arora, Astman, Aynvarg, Azarmy, Banks, Barnaj, Barnett, Barr, Basseri, Bekhor, Bemanian, Ben Mocha, Benshaw Fain, Berger, Berkovich, Bernstein, Biegel, Bilkiss, Bille, Blatt, Boostanfar, Bradley, Brenner, Briant, Brockway, Brooks, Brown, Bruskrud, Buechler, Burg, Buxer, Cabrera, Caldwell, Canales, Cardinale, Cardona, Chan, Chang, Charness, Chedister, Chen, Chernin, Chernomorskiy, Cherry, Choi, Chouipe, Chow, Christian, Cohen, Coleman, Corman, Corominas, Crawford, Cronrod, Crown, Dabach, Damelin, Danaei, Danzan, Dare, Darvey, Dasher, Davis, DeTuno, Dolan, Doop, Downen, Dupuis, Efremov, Elimelech, Entin, Estrada, Estrada, Faber, Fajs, Federline, Feldman, Feldman, Finkelshteyn, Flores, Foroutan, Franco, Freeman, Fried, Friedman, Friedman, Friedman, Friedman, Fris, Frodin, Gadea, Gahr, Galperin, Garbell, Garcia, Gavin, Gazdag, Gendelman, Geoola, Ghadiri, Ghajar, Gharabegian, Gilbert, Gillman, Ginsberg, Gizer, Gold, Goldfarb, Golditch, Golds, Gordon, Greco, Grigoryan, Hakim, Hallford, Hartoonian, Harwin, Hashem, Hebard, Hendelman, Higgason, Hinck, Hiuriono, Holmes, Holzman, Hosey, Hosseinian, Hurdle, Ikari, Jacoby, Jagtiani, Jarrahi, Joshi, Jubrail, Kahen, Kahn, Kalidasan, Kalutskiy, Kasmai, Katofsky, Katri, Katz, Kawatra-Dalvi, Kay, Khajehmogahi, Kim, Klee, Klein, Kohanim, Kolker, Korkis, Kosasky, Kotel, Kozar, Krdilyan, Krichevsky, Krizek, Kurzawa, Kushnir, Kyman, Lainer, Lakier, Laks, Larkin, Latham, Lawrence, Leisner, Levin, Lewis, Lok, Lucas, Madha, Mahendra, Mahler, Malin, Mandel, Markenvard, Markevich, Martinez, Martynov, Marzban, Matalon, Matian, McCormick, Mediuch, Mehdian, Mehvari, Melidosian, Mercer, Meyer, Meyers, Michael, Mironer, Mitchell, Mizrahi, Moradi, Morvarid, Muler, Mussell, Nach, Najibi, Nanda, Nardiello, Newman, Noor, Norouz, Nowfar-Rad, O'Malley White, Oliverio, Oroszlan, Pace, Patel, Peoples, Pichhadze, Pine, Pochtar, Polan, Raichelson, Ramezani, Randolph, Rank, Ranka, Ratzky, Reed, Regenstreif, Reitzin, Reuveny, Rezaie, Rosen, Rosenbluth, Rosso, Rouse, Rouse, Rowhanian, Rozansky, Rozenfeld, Rubin, Rubin, Rudden, Rude, Ruiz-Lazar, Runkle-Titus, Russo, Ruzov, Salour, Sasani-Zand, Sassoon, Savoian, Sawa, Scher, Schnaid, Schultz, Schwartz, Schwartz, Setareh, Shafran, Shahbazian, Shapira, Shapiro, Shultz, Shum-Walton, Shvartsman, Silverstein, Simon, Simon, Singh, Singletary, Skuro, Slutzky, Smalley, Sobolevsky, Sokolsky, Solomon, Soroka, Sperling, Spiegel, Starkov, Steiner, Stern, Stiegemeyer, Stolper, Strull, Stubington, Sudry, Sung, Susson, Swaigenbaum, Tabandeh, Tamaddon, Tate, Tavey, Tidhar, Toro, Torrence, Turobiner, Turobiner, Vaisman, van Kleinwee, Vanias, Vaser, Vaughn, Velasco, Viola, Voloshina, Wadleigh, Wagner, Waksman, Wallen, Wasmundt, Waters, Waxberg, Wazana, Waziri, Weinstein, Weinstock, Weintraub, Weitz, Wilson-Peery, Wimmer, Witkow, Wonacott, Wormser, Yang, Yoon, Youtan, Zadeh-Jassor, Zanganeh, Zaradez, Zuker
NEWS YOU CAN USE - especially our newer families!
As you plan for the Halloween Parade: On October 31st, Bay Laurel will have an all-school Halloween Parade on the black top from 8:30-9:30am. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Students are allowed to dress up but remember no masks or weapons of any kind are allowed on campus. Leave those at home please! If your child will not be comfortable wearing their costume the rest of the day, you might want to provide a change of clothes for them. Also, some classes may be having a Halloween party after the parade. Your room parents will let you know more details around what's being planned for your classroom.

Reminder for Absences: All absences must be reported using this email address: BLESattendance@lvusd.org . Please make a note of it! When reporting absences include your child's name, your name & relation to student, grade, teacher and reason for the absence. Email the teacher directly for homework questions.
We are excited to announce that Party Book will be LIVE on Monday, 10/7 for sign up! Please bookmark this site   https://baylaurel.onlinepartybook.com   to be sure you check back often for parties as new ones will be loaded throughout the year. We will be announcing all new parties in this Sunday email blast as well.

For those of you asking " What is Party Book ?" A Party Book Party is an event hosted by a Bay Laurel parent or group of parents. Those parents are responsible for the planning/funding of the event. Bay Laurel Elementary PFA sells tickets to the event and 100% of the proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to the school. Hosted parties are all about meeting other parents and families, raising funds for Bay Laurel, and, above all else, having FUN (Only Bay Laurel Parents can attend)! Check out our Party Book FAQs .

Contact our Party Book chair Samantha Barnett ( sgboroda@gmail.com ) for more information!
Turn your Box Tops into the office collection box starting  Monday, October 7  for our Fall Collection Drive ( running through Friday, October 18 )!  Each Box Top earns $0.10 for our school.  Find Box Tops on hundreds of products from brands like: Annie's, General Mills, Hefty, Kleenex, Lysol & Ziploc.
Turn them in while you can as the entire Box Tops program is going digital and phasing out the clipped Box Tops.  Don't forget to  write YOUR name  and  your TEACHER'S name  on your submission! Use a baggie or print a collection sheet found in the Box Tops section here:  http://www.baylaurelpfa.org/fundraising.html
The class with the most Box Tops submitted wins a  popsicle party  PLUS top individual contributors can earn a  free kid's meal at ISLANDS ! Good luck!
Questions? Please email our Box Tops Coordinator, parent volunteer Erin Mediuch emediuch@gmail.com
Principal Cortina and Mrs. Baldi will be stopping by for coffee & conversation with parents on Tuesday, October 8th 7:50-8:20am in the MPR . Stop in after drop off for a coffee and meet our new counselor Mrs. Baldi. Ask your questions about the school and the counselor program. Then stay for the PFA Monthly Meeting following at 8:30am.
Join us for our Monthly PFA Meeting on Tuesday, Oct 8th 8:30-9:30am in the MPR. Learn about what your Annual Fund Drive contributions will be funding for this year. Find out about upcoming activities and how you can be a more active part of Bay Laurel! We welcome all parents at this meeting!
Bay Laurel Families - this is a super fun and festive way to kick off the Halloween season!

Calabasas High School's ComedySportz will be featuring Bay Laurel during their upcoming game on Friday, October 11th @7pm at the CHS Performing Arts Education Center (PAEC). ComedySportz is an improv team competition starring Calabasas High students. They compete for the most laughs!

Come in Bay Laurel spirit wear for a free snack at the concession stand. A few lucky Bay Laurel students will even be incorporated into the game! How fun! There is a costume contest during halftime. The winner will receive a season pass to the rest of the games this year.

Tickets are $6 for students and $8 for adults and can be bought at the door or online by clicking here . Come check it out!
Bay Laurel Elementary is proud to offer a number of high quality after-school care and enrichment classes. 

Information is posted on our PFA website for after-school care and enrichment activities from the following providers: Boys & Girls Club, the YMCA, Homework Club, Sports with Coach Dante, and JAXX Theatricals.

For questions about any of these programs, please contact the providers directly (contact info is on the PFA website ).
Do you have an amazing business and you want to get the word out? Become a 2019-20 Bay Laurel Sponsor and promote your business on our marquee, in the weekly PFA newsletters, on the PFA website, and in the Digital School Directory!  Options start as low as $500 for the whole year!

Contact our Sponsorship Chairs, Samantha Barnett and Wendy Russo, at  BayLaurelSponsorships@gmail.com for more information!
Special thanks to our PFA Bookkeepers:
Want to see your ad here? Please contact our Sponsorships Team for details & pricing at  baylaurelsponsorships@gmail.com
Contact the Bay Laurel PFA: