Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Monthly Minute-APRIL 2018
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DV100 DVOMB and Standards Overview
June 2018 
Durango, CO
DV0101 DVRNA Training 
June 2018 
Durango, CO

August 2018
Grand Junction

October 2018

December 2018
DV102 Offender Evaluation Training
August 2018
DV103 Offender Treatment Training
November 2018
DV200 Community Roundtable Discussion
June 2018 
Durango, CO

August 2018
Grand Junction
Think you know the DVOMB Standards? Keeping up with the research and policy changes? Well, test your knowledge (anonymously) and see how you do and take the quiz below.
RESEARCH CORNER   researchcorner
Domestic Violence Offender Typologies

The Standards Revision Committee is currently exploring possible revisions to Section 4.09 of the Standards and issues concerning special populations where alternative treatment options may be recommended: (1) self-defending victims, (2) low risk offenders, and (3) offenders who may be inappropriate for treatment due to severe mental illness or general disabilities that adversely affect treatment amenability. Click here to read more.
National Experts Present on Strangulation in Domestic Violence Cases

New research has confirmed a stronger-than-previously-known link between strangulation and the likelihood that an offender will kill or nearly kill someone during a domestic violence incident.

Domestic violence-related police calls constitute the single largest category of calls received by police, accounting for 15 to more than 50 percent of all calls.
[1] When police officers respond, they know the situation can be volatile for both them and the abuser's victim: The killer in almost one third of female homicides is an intimate partner. And from 2010-2014, 22% of law enforcement officer "line of duty" deaths occurred while responding to a call for service involving a domestic dispute.
Click here to read more. 
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April 2018 Meeting

Do you want to hear  what we the DVOMB has been up to? Join our Board members and staff at the next upcoming monthly DVOMB meeting.
The DVOMB meetings are great ways to learn about current projects, issues, and ways to get involved. It is also a great way to network with other professionals working in the field of domestic violence.
The month of April is recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and as a result, there will be a lunch and learn presentation on Post-Conviction Victim Advocacy in Sex Offense Specific Cases. Guests who attend will receive a one-hour training certificate, so you do not want to miss out!

RSVP to Adrienne Corday or call (303) 239-4528.
WHEN:  April 13th, 2018 9 30am
WHERE:  Denver Police Protection Association (PPA)
2105 Decatur St.,
Denver, CO 80215.
REVISED AGENDA (as of 4/11/18)
May 2018 Meeting
DVOMB Annual On-the-Road Meeting! Mark your calendars now!
The DVOMB is going on the road to Colorado Springs to host the May meeting. What is it all about? 
The annual DVOMB On-the-Road meeting is held in a different location around the State. This gives the Board the chance to connect with and hear from community stakeholders who may be unable to attend the regular monthly meetings in Denver. In previous years, the DVOMB has visited Steamboat Springs, Fort Collins, and Gunnison. These have been a great opportunity to share successes and challenges that exist in our field.
We will plan to start at 9:00AM and adjourn the meeting early in order to give more time for travel. Please look for future announcements regarding the agenda.
RSVP to  Adrienne Corday  or call (303) 239-4528.
WHEN:  May 11, 2018 9am
WHERE: 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office
105 E. Vermijo Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
If you are unsure if it will be worthwhile, we can tell you that other jurisdictions have benefited from these type of events and learned a lot through the process. We want to make sure that you have an opportunity to share your experiences with the Board and also allow for you to receive new updates in policies and revisions to the Standards.
Interested to attend more DVOMB Meetings? 
Here is a list of all meeting dates. RSVP to Adrienne Corday by email or by phone at (303) 239-4528.
POLICY UPDATEpolicyupdate
Unsupervised Cases
At the February DVOMB meeting, the Board ratified a discussion point that is now included in Section 5.02 regarding the composition of the Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team (MTT). The approved language provides clarification to Approved Providers about unsupervised cases while also speaking to the supervisory and clinical issues associated with these cases.
Discussion Point: Offenders who are sentenced to receive a domestic violence offender evaluation and treatment services are sometimes placed in the community without supervision (e.g., state probation, private probation, parole, or community corrections). Circumstances for unsupervised court orders vary, but these cases should be rare due to the possible risks posed to victim and community safety. The lack of a supervision officer can compromise the effectiveness of the MTT, offender containment, and accountability; can undermine efforts toward creating safe case management strategies; and may create ethical challenges for approved Domestic Violence Treatment Providers. Providers are encouraged to work with community stakeholders to address the lack of a supervising officer for domestic violence offenders when it occurs. This includes identifying strategies for how these offenders will be managed in such situations to enhance public safety. Domestic Violence Treatment Providers may accept such a client into treatment if, in their clinical judgment, it is in the best interests of the client, victim, and community safety to do so.  

Appendix C - Glossary of Terms
At the February DVOMB meeting, the Board ratified updates to Appendix C of the Standards. There were outdated terms in Appendix C in the previous version and new updated terms that can be referenced.
Appendix C - Click Here

New Look and Feel!  Standards for Treatment with Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders
Attention all readers: The appearance of the DVOMB Standards has been updated! The Standards have a new look and feel, but there are also embedded links that will help with searching and navigating the Standards. The DVOMB continues to make updates to the Standards through the various work of its committees. In order to have the most recent version, we recommend that you download a copy every six months from the DVOMB website.  
The DVOMB is updating its list of Approved Providers who are willing to provide coverage for agencies or private programs who are in need of using alternative Treatment Coverage Options ( click here). If you are interested in identifying yourself as someone who is willing to provide coverage, please contact Jesse Hansen at
April is sexual assault awareness and prevention month and this is an impo rtant topic to discuss and share in your community as the complex issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse of a partner can often overlap. aprilsa
There are a number of ways you can be involved this month and help support local or state organizations who work year-round to inspire change and awareness of sexual assault.
DVOMB Approved Providers can consider using some of these available resources as therapeutic topics with offenders this month.  

Implementation Committee
The implementation committee is continuing to conduct Community Roundtable Discussion around the state. At the March DVOMB meeting, the Board tasked this committee with the following new priorities:
  • Planning and support for the collection of data for validating the DVRNA
  • Planning and support for ongoing training, technical assistance, and coaching for MTT communication, collaboration, and coordination best practices
  • Planning and design support for integrating fidelity assessments to assess the implementation of the Standards
->This committee meets on the second Tuesday, every other month. Contact Jesse Hansen for more information on how to attend.
Victim Advocacy Committee Meeting
The Victim Advocacy Committee has been updating template documents for Treatment Victim Advocates and has assisted in the development of a training curriculum for Treatment Victim Advocates that will be offered in different parts of the state in 2018. The VAC has also provided input to State Judicial on documents that Victim Service Officers will be using to refer victims to the services available by Treatment Victim Advocate while an offender is undergoing treatment.
 -> This committee meets on the second Tuesday, every other month. Contact Jesse Hansen for more information on how to attend.
DV Treatment Provider Committee
The DV Treatment Provider Committee is currently working on revisions to Section 9.0. These revisions are moving toward a more streamlined process that integrates a competency based approval model.
->This committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. Contact Carolina Thomasson for more information on how to attend.
Standards Revision Committee
The Standards Revision Committee is currently exploring possible revisions to Section 4.09 regarding the criteria for Approved Providers to identify individuals who are not appropriate for domestic violence offender treatment. The committee reviewed research and literature and administered a survey to gather more information. An update from this committee will be provided at the April Board meeting.
->This committee meets on the fourth Friday of each month. Contact Jesse Hansen for more information on how to attend.
Training Committee
This is a combined committee from the Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) and DVOMB staff and professionals from both fields. The Training Committee has been working on a variety of different training events planned for 2018, including the SOMB Conference held in Breckenridge, CO. While this conference has historically been for SOMB Approved Providers, the 2019 conference will be a combined event showcasing trainings for both DVOMB and SOMB stakeholders.  
->This committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month. Contact Marina Borysov for more information on how to attend.
***Note: All DVOMB meetings are open to the public. We encourage you to participate if you have an interest in any of the current projects of the DVOMB.
Treatment Victim Advocate Training

Join Brandy Walega, LPC, and Amy Miller, MSW, both seasoned domestic violence advocates and long-time members of the DVOMB and the DVOMB Victim Advocacy Committee, for this new training specifically for current and aspiring Domestic Violence Treatment Victim Advocates. Topics will include an overview of Section 7.0 (Victim Advocacy) of the Standards for the Treatment of Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders, including qualifications, continuing education, dual role relationships, consultation and coordination. The training will also provide best practices and techniques for building trust, rapport, and effective partnerships with victims and how TVAs can effectively collaborate with the Multi-Disciplinary Treatment Team (MTT). Click here for full description. 

Trainers : Amy Miller, MSW &  Brandy Walega, LPC
CEU: 7 Hours
When:  May 16, 2018 8:30am-4:30pm
Where:   Penrose House
Cost: Free
Future locations and dates:
June 18 Grand Junction 
DV103 DV Offender Treatment Training

This training will provide an in-depth review of domestic violence offender treatment with a focus on the requirements of the Standards and best practice modalities and concepts. After a discussion of the differences between traditional psychotherapy and forensic offense specific therapy, this training will cover offender treatment within the context of primary and adjunct interventions, offender contracts, level of offender treatment, core competencies and ways to measure offender progress and discharge criteria. Click here for full description.  

Trainers: DVOMB Staff
CEU: 7 Hours
Where: Colorado Springs Stetson Hills PD Division
4110 Tutt Blvd 
Colorado Springs, CO 80922
When:  May 17, 2018 from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

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