April 2019
Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Quarterly Minute
You are invited to join the DVOMB on April 12th, 2019! There will be two presentations offered at the next meeting and training credits will be available for those who attend. The first presentation is on the different types and functions of victim advocacy. The second presentation will be a follow-up to the Advanced Series Training on Animal Maltreatment. Phil Tedeschi will be joining us again for a one-hour presentation. Everyone is welcome to attend, observe, and participate.  

WHERE:  Wheat Ridge Recreation 
WHEN:   April 12, 2019
TIME: 9:30AM


The DVOMB is going on the road to Loveland to host the May meeting. What is it all about? 
The annual DVOMB On-the-Road meeting is held in a different location around the State. This gives the Board the chance to connect with and hear from community stakeholders who may be unable to attend the regular monthly meetings in Denver. In previous years, the DVOMB has visited Steamboat Springs, Colorado Springs, and Gunnison. These have been a great opportunity to share successes and challenges that exist in our field.
The meeting will start at 9:00AM and the meeting will adjourn early in order to give more time for travel. Please look for future announcements regarding the agenda.

Would you like to attend?
Here are the details:
When: May 12, 2019  
WHERE: 201 E. 4th St. Loveland CO 80537
RSVP HERE or call (303) 239-4528. 

If you are unsure if it will be worthwhile, we can tell you that other jurisdictions have benefited from these type of events and learned a lot through attending the Board meeting. We want to make sure that you have an opportunity to share your experiences with the Board and also allow for you to receive new updates in policies and revisions to the Standards.
DVOMB 2019 Renewal Update and Application   

In January, the DVOMB gave notice that Renewal Season is here. This is another friendly reminder that if you are currently approved as a DVOMB Treatment Provider (including those in a "not currently practicing" status) and would like to continue to be listed, you will need to submit your renewal application to the DVOMB no later than July 31st, 2019. DVOMB staff will be mailing letters so you should also receive a notification in the mail. As always, please feel free to contact the DVOMB staff for assistance or any questions you may have about the process or requirements.
2019 DVOMB Renewal Application: Click Here

Approved Providers who do not complete the Biennial Renewal process will be notified in writing that (1) their approval has lapsed, (2) that they may no longer provide services to convicted DV offenders, and (3) that they are removed from the Provider List.
Approved Providers who complete the renewal process will remain on the Provider List throughout the renewal process.
Policy Updates

NEW! Training Policy  

Training events sponsored by the Office of Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management will be subject to new guidelines effective August 1st, 2019. For more information, please see the Training Policy here and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Marina Borysov
April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month (SAAM)

April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, and this is an important topic to discuss and share in your community as the complex issues of domestic violence and sexual abuse of a partner can often overlap. The National Sexual Assault Resource Center estimates that nearly one in five women and one in 67 men in the United States have experienced rape or an attempted rape at some point in their lives. 
There are a number of ways you can be involved this month and help support local or state organizations who work year-round to inspire change and awareness of sexual assault.
DVOMB Approved Providers may consider using some of these available resources as therapeutic topics with offenders this month where appropriate and applicable:

PreventConnect: A national project that advances the primary prevention of sexual assault and relationship violence, and builds the capacity of other organizations to develop and implement effective prevention initiatives. 

RAINN's 2019 Guide to Sexual Assault and Prevention Month: A guide with suggested awareness activities and action items from the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network.

Say Something: A short video highlighting the importance of speaking up and taking action to stop sexual violence.

Domestic and Sexual Violence in Communities of Color: A fact sheet highlighting domestic and sexual violence statistics in marginalized communities.
Research Corner

Teen dating violence is a serious issue which affects a large number of juveniles. A recent meta-analysis from 2016 estimates that approximately 20 percent of juveniles experience physical dating violence and 9 percent experience sexual dating violence (Wincentak, Connolly, & Card, 2016), although some research estimates these numbers to be as high as 61 percent and 54 percent respectively. Factors that contribute to the perpetration of dating violence include negative family dynamics, antisocial and delinquent peer networks, risky sexual behavior and early onset of sexual activity, poor academic engagement, and substance use (Smith, Greenman, Thornberry, Henry, & Ireland, 2015). Interventions that focus on early contact, school and community based platforms, and target at-risk youth have higher success rates of reducing teen dating violence (DeKoker, Mathews, Zuch, Bastien, & Mason-Jones, 2014). Findings from Wincentak, Connolly, & Card (2016) noted that “violence in dating relationships is a reality for many adolescents. Exploring TDV in terms of the context, severity, and consequences would be valuable in better understanding gender differences as well as addressing higher rates of victimization and perpetration among economically disadvantaged and cultural minority youth” (pg. 234-235). 

Please click here for the full presentation. 
2019 Domestic Violence and Sex Offender Management Conference

We are thrilled announce that this years conference will focus on covering both fields. We've build an outstanding program for each day of the conference and are looking forward to hosting some of the nation's leading speakers and presenters.
Be sure not to miss it.
Registration opens soon.
Welcome! New Board Members

Erin Gazelka
Representing Mental Health Professionals 

Jackie List
Representing Domestic Violence Victims and Victims Organizations

Committee Spotlight

The Victim Advocacy Committee of the DVOMB took a brief hiatus last year, and reconvened in 2019 and began its work by conducting a needs assessment of Treatment Victim Advocates. The purpose of this survey was to gather more data and information about Treatment Victim Advocates and their experiences with the new certification requirements required in Section 7.0. If you would like more information about what the findings were from the survey, click here to see the Presentation given by staff from its last meeting.
Upcoming Training Opportunities
DVOMB is has multiple Core Trainings open for registration.
Please visit our training website to find a training you wish to attend.