January 2019
Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Quarterly Minute
Happy New Year! Come join the DVOMB on January 11 th , 2019! If you are looking for training hours, attending the monthly DVOMB meeting could be beneficial to you. Two presentations will be offered at the next meeting and training credits will be available for those who attend. Everyone is welcome to attend, observe, and participate.  

WHERE:  Wheat Ridge Recreation 
WHEN:   January 11, 2019
TIME: 9:30AM

Become a mental health professional representative on the DVOMB today!

An appointment on the DVOMB is now open for mental health professionals with specific expertise in domestic violence to apply. All DVOMB Approved Providers are encouraged to apply, especially those who have been providing services to court ordered domestic violence offenders for more than five years. The Board supports a diversity of viewpoints and life experience among appointed members encourages and anyone interested is encouraged to apply including those who identify as a member of a minority population (e.g., rural or underserved communities, individuals living with disabilities, as well as those who identify their race/ethnicity as other than white).

Pursuant to C.R.S. § 16-11.8-103, the DVOMB consists of 19 members who must satisfy certain requirements proscribed by the statute. Members of the Board serve four‐year terms and no member can serve more than eight consecutive years. The Board meets approximately ten to twelve times per year for a full day. Meeting locations are typically in the Denver Metro Area, but some travel is required. If you are interested in applying or nominating someone for this appointment on the DVOMB, please feel out this application .
January is National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM)

January is National Stalking Awareness Month! This month serves as a reminder to reflect and to remember the importance of working together to enhance the safety of victims who are affected by stalking.

With this being the fifteenth annual National Stalking Awareness Month (NSAM), an annual call to action to recognize and respond to the of stalking. It is so important to raise awareness of stalking as serious crime as well as a crime that frequently predicts and co-occurs with physical and sexual violence. 

For more information, here are some links to resources about stalking and how you can help support NSAM. 

DVOMB 2019 Renewal Notice 

This is a friendly reminder that renewal season is around the corner in July of 2019. All providers are required to renew their placement on the Provider List every two years. If you are an Approved Provider (including those in a "not currently practicing" status) and plan to continue being listed with the DVOMB, we recommend you start preparing now.
Approved Providers who do not comply with the Biennial Renewal process will be notified in writing that (1) their approval has lapsed, (2) that they may no longer provide services to convicted DV offenders, and (3) that they are removed from the Provider List.
Approved Providers who are compliant with the renewal process will remain on the Provider List throughout the renewal process.

Please look for the renewal application in the coming months.
New Electronic Process Fingerprinting Process for Background Investigations

Attention all applicants seeking placement on the Approved Provider List!

There is a new process for conducting a background investigation for the purposes of your application. The new process involves obtaining electronic fingerprints through the Colorado Applicant Background Services (CABS). This process is replacing the former paper and ink method. Applicants must submit one set of fingerprints for the purpose of a background check of their criminal history. 

To do so, go to the Identogo website

Enter your personal information and schedule an appointment at one of the approved fingerprint center located near you. You will receive confirmation of your appointment. Payment is made at the time of fingerprinting for a total of $49.50. Business checks, credit cards, and money orders are accepted. Personal checks will NOT be accepted. You can also schedule an appointment by phone by calling the toll free number 1-(844) 539-5539. When calling, you must supply the DVOMB Service Code: 25YGT4.
Please email Adrienne Corday, Program Assistant to the DVOMB here.
Policy Updates

Section 9.0 Revisions

The Board approved revisions to Section 9.0 of the Standards which will go into effect on January 1 st , 2020. These revisions mark the culmination of hard work and input from several Approved Providers, Domestic Violence Clinical Supervisors (DVCS), and Board Members who serve on the DV Treatment Provider Committee. For over a year, this committee met to review proposed changes, reviewed research, and developed new provisions for the application, supervision, and approval process. The approved revisions in Section 9.0 introduce the use of a new competency-based supervision process that is simple, comprehensive, and flexible to each applicant. Here is a summary of the revisions that were approved by the Board:

·Applicants will be assessed on clinical and administrative competencies by a Domestic Violence Clinical Supervisor (DVCS). Those who demonstrate greater mastery of competencies based on their experience level, education, and clinical history can move through the application process faster. This process empowers the DVCS to individualize the supervision for each applicant.
·The number of training and experiential hours required for each level were reduced due to the introduction of the competency-based model. For a comparison of the changes, please click here .
·A new Pre-Sentence Evaluator Status was created for DVOMB Approved Providers as an additional designation that will be showcased on the DVOMB Approved Provider List. Approved Providers will be required to apply and obtain approval with this status before conducting any pre-sentence evaluations. This status is not required for those who only wish to conduct post-sentence evaluations and does not prevent Approved Providers from completing post-sentence evaluations.
·New clarifying language was added to the supervision of applicants which must be conducted at least quarterly and may be done conducted via electronic means through video conferencing. All communication are required to be synchronous.
·DVOMB Approved Providers will be required to attend a Standards Booster training and DVRNA Booster training every two years. More details on these training requirements will be forthcoming.

Section 9.0 Revisions - Click Here
Implementation: The Board approved these revisions with the intent of having a planned, purposeful and deliberate implementation process that is flexible. Individuals seeking approval will have the option of choosing either the old or new Standards through December 31 st , 2019. If you are wondering which application will best suite your situation and circumstances, please contact Carolina Thomasson via email
Do you want to present
at our Annual Conference?

Call for Papers is out and the deadline is February 1, 2019. Please see our website for more details or submit your proposal directly via email

We hope to see you there!
Upcoming Training Opportunities
DV100 is now available online! Click here to register. Those who complete this training receive 1.5 hours of training credits.

Announcing Lunch and Learn Webinars for 2019

The DVOMB will be launching Lunch and Learn Webinars in 2019 that will focus on the implementation of the Standards and will allow for MTT members to ask questions and learn more from others working with domestic violence offenders. The first Lunch and Learn Webinar is scheduled for February 4th, 2019 from 12:00-1:00PM. The first webinar will cover the revisions to Section 9.0 and implementation. This will be your chance to ask questions and learn more about what changes were made and why. 

Please save the date and check back on details by going to the DVOMB training page. 

The DVOMB is interested in what training topics might be of interest to you. If you have a training topic in mind, please send your suggestions via email


DV101 DVRNA Training
Denver Metro
Thursday, February 28, 2019
8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

DV200 DVOMB Community Roundtable
Location: Westminster

DV102 Evaluation Training
Location: Westminster

Check back with our training site to register!
Coming Soon

The LINK: Research Developments, Assessment and Intervention for Animal Maltreatment within Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Cases

When: March 4, 2019
Cost: $15

Check back with our training site for more info and to register!