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February 14, 2016



Dominion Added to 2016 Schedule!

This Just In!

Add this to your calendars...VRG will be sanctioning a new Vintage Race Weekend at the newly constructed Dominion Raceway in Woodford, VA, October 21-23 2016.

Edwin Pardue, General Manager of Dominion Raceway signed the deal with Jim Karamanis, VRG Vice President, just yesterday!

"Dominion is like no other track on our schedule." said Karamanis. "It's a two mile road course, with a half mile straight that runs counter clockwise. The back straight is close enough to I-95 you feel like you can reach out and touch it."

Dominion also has built a NASCAR oval inside the road course and the way it's set up means they could also run an event on that oval course at the same time one is running on the road course.

A giant television screen inside the oval course can easily be seen from the viewing stands on the road course and with multiple cameras mounted around the course, folks in the stands will be able to see virtually the entire race course from one location!

With plenty of hotels nearby and a facility promising a restaurant, plus plenty of showers and bath rooms, this sounds like it's going to be some great event. Best of all, the dynamic duo of Cal Trumbo and Jim Karamanis, who have been long time co-chairs of the Jefferson 500 at Summit Point, will also be co-chairs for this new event, so you know it will be done right.

More information as it comes in. Stay tuned!
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