Issue Number 7 | July 2016
A New Way to Convey Sustainability
How do you reduce the need for 50,000 truck trips a year, avoiding the air emissions equal burning 100,000+ gallons of fuel? Domtar's Hawesville, KY mill found a creative strategy to do just that. Learn how 24/7 technology, the Ohio River and a mile-long structure resembling a roller coaster helped eliminate over half-a-million miles of mill traffic annually WATCH NOW
Connecting Generations through Letter Writing
Penpals traditionally exchange letters to see the world from a different perspective. PaperPal also does this, while capitalizing on the cognitive benefits that handwriting provides both young children and aging adults. This year, volunteers from six Domtar facilities will help bring PaperPal to their communities through the EarthChoice Ambassadors program, which encourages employees to make a difference in their world. WATCH WHAT HAPPENS
Keeping Cool with Energy Star
This summer, you may have noticed an ENERGY STAR® label on the fridge as you reached for a cool drink. And with more than 45% of U.S. households purchasing an ENERGY STAR certified product in the past year, it remains one of today's best-known ecolabels. Usually seen gracing household appliances, did you know that entire buildings can also display the star? READ ABOUT ONE

Port Huron, MI -- the site of a Domtar specialty paper mill -- was the boyhood home of prolific inventor Thomas Edison. Today the Thomas Edison Depot Museum is located in the building that he worked in from 1859 to 1863.

Sprinklers are great for kids to run through on a hot summer day, but did you know that plants absorb less water from traditional sprinklers than you'd think? Consider drip systems , which deliver water directly to the base of plants to help avoid your money from literally evaporating!
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