Issue Number 3: March 2016
Domtar Recommits to Helping Keep Paper Out of Landfills 
Since 2012, Domtar and Recyclebank have worked together to educate over 4 million members about responsible paper use and recycling. No one wants paper to end up in a landfill, which is why the two organizations are again teaming up to create more fun and educational content throughout 2016. Be inspired (and earn great rewards!) today by browsing the EarthChoice Paper Collection

Keeping a Promise to Grandma
Do you remember eating lunch from a brown paper bag as a child? For small landowner Stacey Locke, this simple product holds a much deeper meaning. Read Stacey's very personal story about keeping a promise to protect her family's forestland, then watch her tell it in her own words. WATCH THE VIDEO

There's No Place Like Home
Decades of coal mining in Elk County, Pennsylvania left land scarred and uninhabitable. In fact, the lack of vegetation nearly ran the county's namesake right out of town! Identifying the need to support local wildlife, Domtar's Johnsonburg, PA mill has spent decades helping bring the elk back by using a unique approach. How you ask?  READ MORE

Domtar's Ashdown, AR mill has helped certify over half a million acres of forestland - an area 20x the size of Walt Disney World! Learn more via the Blueline blog


Check out The Frog Blog to learn the important role that forests play in the Rainforest Alliance's vision of a world where people and the planet prosper together. 
Did you know you can reduce air pollution  while driving? Maintaining proper tire pressure improves fuel economy by up to 3 percent, reducing greenhouse gas emissions! 


Sustainability questions? We can help! Contact your Domtar Account Manager for details. 

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