Issue Number 5 | May 2016
No Fish Tale: 10,000 Trout Living in Domtar Mill
Tucked away inside Domtar's Johnsonburg, PA Mill stands a 100-year-old structure housing some rather unique residents.  For nearly 25 years, hundreds of thousands of young trout have called this home, delighting both mill visitors and local anglers. So how did the fish end up here, and what is the fate of these fingerlings?  FIND OUT
How to Choose Between Recycled and Virgin Paper [Video]
Recycling used paper is the right thing to do. But how many times can paper be recycled? And does that mean you should only buy 100% recycled grades? What about third-party certified virgin options? Learn the answer to these questions and more.  WATCH THE VIDEO
Should Green Products Even be a Thing?
From LED bulbs that burn out too early, to dishwasher eco-modes that leave food on the plates, some "green" products give sustainability a bad rap. We all agree that products that prioritize environmental stewardship should work as well their conventional counterparts. So how do manufacturers fix this problem?  READ MORE

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Kingsport, TN mill this year, Domtar donated 100 dogwood and maple trees , which were planted along the city's main thoroughfare.


Produce consumed in North America travels an average of 1,500 miles before reaching your plate!  Home gardening eliminates shipping impacts, while also preserving flavor and nutrients.  

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