January 17, 2023

Half Way Through January! That was Fast!

Your Healthy 2023 Starts Here!

We are committed to helping you make 2023 your healthiest year yet! If you are New to healthier shopping or a veteran, Harvest Health is ready to help you find what you need to stay healthy and strong. Ask our staff we are ready to help!

More Protein?

Try Good Culture Cottage Cheese Singles. 2 for $3, 15g of Protein with only 3 grams of sugar. 100 Calories.

Add cottage cheese to your eggs, top your avocado, or spread on toast. Savory or sweet, Good Culture cottage cheese will taste Great!

Plastic-Free? Reducing Packaging?

Are you trying to live with a lighter foot print this year? Conservatively most of us dispose of 12 plastic body care bottles every year. Switch to plastic-free, compostable packaging body care from BRIXY or HiBar. Shampoo, Conditioner On sale $9.99!


The conventional news is in an uproar over the price of eggs. Sure we all see prices have gone up due to cost of feed, labor and transportation.

We are making sure you don't have to compromise on the quality of your eggs. Quality Eggs Matter!

Save on Field Day Organic Eggs $4.79

February Seminar - Matters Of The Heart

Wed. Feb. 8th, 6 pm Hudsonville Harvest Health


It's the month we focus on the Matters of the Heart! Heart health and staying young at heart! Both go hand in hand. Invite your sweetheart for a Date Night!

Wine Tasting and appetizers at 6 pm and at 6:30 Dr. Jeffery Burke, NP, and National Educator with Irwin Naturals will share with us about having healthy hearts and healthy relationships!

MORE Information and RSVP

8 Pages Of Savings!

25% Off Harvest Health Foods Brand supplements, Herbals, Proteins, and Essential Oils.

Shop Harvest Health Brands HERE:

Quality you can rely on! Premium quality, naturally sourced, efficacious formulas, with over 50 Patented and trademarked ingredients. You can rest assured that our brand meets not only current FDA regulations but also the strict guidelines of the Natural Products Association and other industry-specific organizations.

Harvest Rewards

We are excited to see many of our customers have signed up. Make sure you sign in at the register using your phone number. Rewards are coming your way soon. If you have any questions, please reach out to a staff member or contact us and we will help get it sorted out. Thanks for your understanding as we are all learning in this launch! Look for Electronic punch cards coming soon!

OATstanding New Oat Protein Formulas from Garden of Life

Garden of Life's new line of Organic Creamy Protein is formulated for virtually

everyone. High in protein, minimal net carbs with no added sugars, vegan, soy, dairy, and gluten-free. New Organic Creamy Protein is versatile and delicious. Easy to mix in just water!

Try these New Oat Proteins on Sale In January! 30% Off!

Shop Oat Proteins

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