Pouring fats, oils, and grease (FOG) down the drain or garbage disposal creates obstructions in underground pipes and creates serious problems like blockages and sewer overflows. Protect your home and community by disposing of FOG properly.
Feel that chill in the air? Your plants do too. Plants in fall need about 1/3 of the water they need in summer. Easily adjust your sprinkler timer with the seasons using the Watering % Adjust feature on your timer and match it to the % updated on our website (or via text message) weekly.
Property owners with City-initiated Sewer Lateral Inspection Program cases may be eligible to receive up to $300 in assistance towards the inspection of their private sewer lateral through the City’s Video Assistance Program. Inspections are conducted by the City's contracted plumber and are scheduled through the City. Review eligibility requirements and apply (space is limited) here.
The Desal Link project will connect key community water sources by installing an underground pipeline between the Desalination Plant and water mains connected to the Cater Water Treatment Plant. This new pipeline will enable desalinated water to reach our entire service area while enhancing system resiliency and improving water quality. Construction will occur on Garden, Sola, Olive, Ortega, Calle Cesar Chavez, and Yanonali Streets.
Nematodes are small, worm-like metazoans that thrive in aerobic habitats including wastewater treatment processes. Nematodes are naturally abundant in bio-rich soils and also have been featured in the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.
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