Understand Your Child And Why They May Be Acting Out Of The Ordinary
With the second half of the school year in full swing for many students and families it can be easy to dismiss slight behavioral changes in your child. Behavioral issues can present themselves in many ways from a change in social relationships to a lack of concentration or out of the ordinary behavior.

At Wellspring Behavioral Health, we can help you gain an in-depth understanding of any issues that arise and how to shift gears when necessary. Contact us at Wellspring Behavioral Health  today to learn more about our services.
You’re Not “Making Up” your Mental Illness
A recent brain study conducted by the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) found new findings that suggest certain brain activity may correspond to anxiety and depression. Learn more
365 Ways To Improve Yourself
in 2019
Take 2019 by the reigns with this list of ways to help you feel better through improving your physical and mental health this year! 
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Dr. McNeely’s viewpoint and practice is integrative, combining developmental, cognitive-behavioral, existential and other perspectives to develop a holistic approach, broadening insight and opportunities for effective intervention. Abigail regularly works with clients dealing with a broad range of issues including depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, life challenges and chronic illness. She offers individual, couples and family counseling for adults and teens, as well as academic, employment and medical needs psychology assessments.
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