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Don't Fall for the IRS Phone Call Scam

Your phone starts to ring. You see an unknown number. You decide to answer. One the other line is someone claiming to be an agent of the Internal Revenue Service and they are calling you about alleged delinquent taxes. If you do not agree to resolve the delinquency they will come and arrest you. 

This scenario is becoming all too common, especially during, and after, tax season. Please understand that this type of phone call is a scam. 

Always remember - the IRS does not call people to collect delinquent taxes. 

Unfortunately, many people fall for this phone call scam. It has become so prevalent that the IRS issued a public statement advising taxpayers  to be careful and cognizant about these aggressive phone scams.

To learn more about the phone call scam, check out this public notice issued by the IRS.

Client Update Program - Status Update

The InSight Law team is in the middle of our client update program. There are an array of critical updates being made to help enhance your estate plan. For example, some of the key updates include: 
  • Digital asset planning;
  • Income tax planning for protective trusts; and 
  • Asset protection benefits through the use of a Trust Protector.
Stay tuned for further status reports. 
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Bobby Explains Why You Need a Trust If You Have Minor Children

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Event Description: Most people don't know what to expect from an estate planning attorney, let alone know the right questions to ask. In our experience, most families who have completed their estate plans don't fully understand their legal documents and the serious impact it can have on their loved ones. The Truth About Estate Planning™ Program will prepare you to deal with your planning concerns and examine your goals without the time pressure of making decisions.

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