November 2020 Newsletter
Fashion for the Guys
Photo Details: Miguel's Formal Wear, Kaytlin Lane Photography
Wedding fashion tends to focus mainly on the ladies. From your adorable flower girl to the bride's dress, all things lace and satin and girly are usually priority number 1. But you can't forget about your guys! The groom and groomsmen also need to be planned for. And while it's usually an easier decision, there are a couple of key things to keep in mind that you'll learn about in this newsletter.

First, here are some general rules to remember when finding suits or tuxes for your groom.

Rules for Outfitting the Groom:
  1. Remember your venue and season- The groom and groomsmens' attire might look different at an outdoor barn wedding than a city hotel wedding.
  2. Stay true to you- If the groom(s) doesn't feel comfortable in a tux or suit, then opt out of that! If your groom(s) feels more comfortable in cowboy boots or tennis shoes, embrace that! Just like the bride should feel her best on her wedding day, so should the groom.
  3. Coordinate with the bride- If the bride opts for a large ballgown with sparkle, you might choose for something a bit more black tie for the groom.
  4. Fit. Fit. FIT!- At the end of the day, the FIT is the most important part. A suit that is tailored to the groom(s) will ultimately look so much better. If you're not renting a tux, have your suit tailored to your measurements by a professional.
Saving Money on Tuxes
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If you are looking for the look of a tuxedo or you want all of your groomsmen and groom to be in the exact same suit/tux, renting is a great option. Many bridal salons have a relationship with tuxedo rental companies so ask your bridal shop when you go shopping for your gown. It's not uncommon to get the groom's rental for free when all of the groomsmen rent theirs.

Buying a suit is also a cost effective option if the groom(s) can see himself wearing it again in the future. A great quality suit can be used for years, whether for special events or for work.
How Your Groom Can Stand Out
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If you opt to have all of your groomsmen and groom wear the same suit/tux and the same colors, you'll still want to find a way to let the groom stand out! Here are some options:

  • Have your groom wear a vest and your groomsmen just the jacket
  • A bowtie while the groomsmen wear a standard tie
  • A different color tie than the groomsmen
Truly Yours Bridal and Formal
Guys Can Also Accessorize
Andre Lamar Photography Miguels Formal Wear
Miguel's Formal Wear, Andre Lamar Photography
The wedding is a great time for the groom to really show off his personality! Be bold and unique! Here are some fun ways for the groom to accessorize:

  • A fun color- pick a favorite color or a color that goes with your wedding theme and play it up with colorful socks or a fun jacket
  • Shoes- from Converse sneakers to cowboy boots, a comfortable shoe means your husband to be will be comfy for the long day of pictures and vows and dancing!
  • Boutonnieres can be jazzed up with ribbon, fun colors, and accessories to make them unique to the couple and the groom
  • Cummerbunds, vests, ties, and cuff links are a great way to incorporate style. Keep in mind, not every men's dress shirt is made for cufflinks. If you want to get your groom cufflinks as a gift for the wedding day, make sure they have a shirt that accommodates them, typically a French cuff shirt.
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Embrace Cultural Traditions
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Embrace your culture with your groom's attire, whether it's with traditional garb or colors that are traditional to your religious ceremonies. The wedding is all about who you are as a couple and what is important to you.
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