November 2019
Don't Forget the Thanksgiving Manwhich! 
Marcus Engel
A couple days ago, we were sitting around planning the Thanksgiving menu. Who is bringing what, what time everyone will arrive, estimating the number of folks who'll be gathered around the table. To us, this is part of the fun leading up to the Thanksgiving gluttony. 
While making the grocery list, The Hotness busts out with, "We can't forget the Manwich!"
Manwich? Yes, Manwich.

Here's the scoop on our inside joke...
Probably 10 Thanksgivings ago was one of the strangest (and yet most wonderful) Thanksgivings ever. For us, at least. But, keep in mind, we're kinda weird like that.
Earlier Thanksgiving week, The Hotness underwent surgery. Abdominal surgery, to boot. Plus, most all of our immediate AND extended families were out of town. And with just one child home from college, we knew turkey day would be a small, quiet time.
Well, a few family members decided that since we wouldn't be able to cook and have a big fancy Thanksgiving, they'd at least send us the food. Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, the whole nine yards. This was sent through a pretty popular ham store that's known for quality food. Sure, it'd have to be warmed up, but Thanksgiving would be saved, right? Not so fast.
All day Wednesday, we waited for the delivery. Didn't come. Then Thursday morning came and went. Finally, around dinner time Thanksgiving evening, we called the family members who had ordered the food, just to let them know their order hadn't arrived. 
We all put on our Sherlock Holmes hats to track down the mystery of the missing meat. Turns out, it wasn't much of a mystery... our friends had entered the wrong address. Our food had been delivered to someone else's home in our 'hood. We drove to the home where it had been delivered, but found no one home and no delivery with my name sitting on their porch. 
Hungry, tired and at least one of us having post op pain... at this point, we had to decide whether to laugh or cry. We chose laughter. We always choose laughter. Then we went home, dug some frozen hamburger out of the freezer and had Manwich for Thanksgiving dinner. It sure wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving feast... but it's one of our most memorable.
This Thanksgiving, I encourage you to embrace what comes... anything that comes. There's a ton of pressure to have the holiday be perfect. But, newsflash... it won't be. Perfection doesn't exist. Instead of tripping on the things that go wrong, just embrace it. What might make for a day that doesn't go by the book may be the foundation of one of your most memorable times... and maybe even spark a new holiday tradition. So, snuggle in with all the loved ones you can find, do all the things that bring you joy - but be sure to have some Manwich on hand. You just never know what happiness awaits.  

Happy Thanksgiving
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