Don't Forget to Run your Year End Statistics!

The last day you can run the My Production Report for your complete 2018 year to date stats is December 31st, as this particular report resets at midnight on January 1st, 2019.

'What exactly is the My Production Report?'
There are two reports under My Production that track your user-specific listing and sales statistics. The two reports are the Quick View report and Member YTD report.  Click on the drop-down list next to My Production to choose which report you would like to view. 

The Quick View report displays your Year to Date statistics in comparison to those from the previous year. This report is generated with the listing and sales information for the current login. The first table displays your sold listings and new listings for the year to date and previous year in Units and in Volume. The difference between the two years' statistics is shown, as well as the percent difference. This table is graphically represented as two bar charts below.

The table at the right displays total Units and Volume sorted according to listing status. The figures in this table are current; they reflect all Active, Pended, and Withdrawn listings at the present moment. The two pie charts below graphically represent the figures in this table.

The Member YTD Report offers thorough numeric data regarding your Year-To-Date production for Active, New, Sold, Pended, Withdrawn, Canceled, and Expired listings. Within these tables you may view your levels of production in comparison to your Office and your MLS. 

Click Print to open the statistical report in a separate window and generate a print dialog box.  Under Advanced, click Detach to open the report in a separate window (especially useful if you would like to pull up another statistical report and compare the two) or Export Table Data if you would like to export the table information into a CSV file, which may be opened in a spreadsheet program.

For more details on how to use this detailed and powerful report, view the My Production Report guide. Remember - run it (and print if you'd like to keep it for your records) no later than December 31st, as at the stroke of midnight, it resets to start the year over!

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