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January 2013


Happy and healthy new year to all!

What are your new year's resolutions?

Maybe one of them is to complete some of the house maintenance items that you have let slide for a while.  Perhaps the windows and doors need to be re-caulked, the interior or exterior needs painting, mold and mildew needs to be cleaned off the roof, or your granite countertops haven't been re-sealed in years.

While many of our past clients think we only do large addition or extensive home remodeling projects, we actually take care of small jobs as well.  Think of us as your home improvement and maintenance solution.  Even if you have a project that we don't handle, we can usually recommend you to someone who does.
Speaking of recommendations, did you know that I participate in several business networking events every month and that I know lots of people in different lines of work?  If you are looking for companies that can help you with insurance, investments, mortgages, real estate, areas of the law, a physician, lawn maintenance, roof cleaning, etc. (the list is extensive) please let me know.  Call the office at 561-795-2551 and I'd be happy to assist you any way I can.

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Todd Perry
Leading Edge Homes, Inc.


Don't Get Burned With This Device
Do you know what is pictured above? Plumbers know what it is.  It's a mixing or anti-scalding valve.

New shower valves are required to be anti-scalding so you don't get burned.  They are usually set so the temperature of hot water can not exceed a certain limit.

The problem comes in with lavatory and tub faucets which do not have anti-scalding built into them.  This is especially a problem for the very popular two lever faucets.  There is a solution though.
Most homes have the temperature of ALL hot water devices, except showers, controlled only by the thermostat on the water heater.  If you would like hotter water for the dishwasher or washing machine without causing a burn risk in your bathrooms, a mixing valve is a great solution.
A mixing valve does exactly what the name implies, it allows for the mixing of cold water with the hot water so you don't get burned if you only turn on the hot water. 
If you would like to keep things safe in your house, call the office at 561-795-2551 or leave me an email message at:  I'll be happy to give you all the details and a recommendation for a licensed plumber to install them.
Aging in Place
As the "baby boomer" generation approaches retirement age, most want to continue living in their existing house.  They also want to maintain an active lifestyle, but most houses are built for fully-abled 20 to 30 year olds.  Bad knees, arthritis, aching backs, or providing care for their elderly parents or grandchildren often bring new challenges for the houses of baby boomers. 
In response to this multi-generational, multi-level of ability use of a house, universal design was born. Universal design means providing products and spaces that allow the widest range of people with varying physical abilities to use a space - everyone from toddlers to senior citizens.
A prime example of universal design is in the bathroom.  It includes use of comfort height toilets, kitchen height lavatory cabinets, roll-in step-free showers, grab bars, and shower heads that are capable of being fixed or on a flexible hose.
Zero-step Entry Shower
Other examples include one-level living (bedroom, bathroom with shower, washer/dryer, kitchen/dining area, and access to technology) easily accessible from the front door, as maintenance free of an exterior as possible, task lighting for reading/cooking/hobbies, and wider doors with no steps.
The time to plan for and implement these changes is now, before you need them.  Leading Edge Homes has completed many projects as described above.  To get started now, call the office at 561-795-2551 or leave me an email message at:  I'll be happy to advise you on what would work best to keep your house working for you, instead of against you, as the years go by.
SoHo Dog 
On A Personal Note...
Many of you know that I am a big dog lover and I'm sure plenty of you are too.  We should also be thankful for the sacrifices that our military personnel have made and be willing to help them in their time of need.  There is a great local organization called SoHo Dogs that rescues dogs about to be euthanized and pairs them with veterans having a tough time rejoining society.
Their services are specifically designed to support troubled veterans who struggle with family dynamics, drugs and alcohol, and those with emotional and behavioral problems which have caused alienation from society.  The satisfaction of caring for and bonding with animals helps to develop self-confidence, encourage acceptance, and to feel an unconditional love and compassion which many may lack in their lives.  Animals display an empathy that has proven to have therapeutic value and facilitate healing behaviors.
Let's all help this cause by attending their fundraiser on Thursday, January 10th at 5:00 p.m. at Spoto's Oyster Bar on PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens.
Thanks, and I'll see you there!
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