Making disciple-makers, as you've no doubt heard a lot about lately, means reproducing the character, ways, and mission of Jesus in those God brings around you, expecting them to do the same in others. While we provide specific direction for intentional, formational discipleship (such as walking through Discipleship Essentials or  A Discipleship Journey with a few others), d iscipleship also happens in many ways: as we raise our children, as we interact in our communities and places of work, and as we build relationships inside of our churches. 

Rick Howerton, Small Group and Discipleship Specialist at LifeWay Church Resources, shares some perspective on how we can continue to think about discipleship as it relates to our small groups.

Questions for Reflection
  1. Discipleship as relational means that people are journeying together toward maturity in Christ. Who are you journeying with in discipleship, and what have you experienced together? 
  2. Discipleship as generational suggests that someone more spiritually mature than you are is modeling the Christian life for you. Who comes to your mind as a spiritual model, and what has he/she taught you? 
  3. How are you incorporating discipleship into your small group in your role as leader? Might there be 2-4 people inside your small group that would benefit from being intentionally discipled outside of your group with a formational discipleship tool such as Greg Ogden's "Discipleship Essentials" or Dave Buehring's "A Discipleship Journey"?

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