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Celebrate Holy Week at Home
Holy Week | April 5-12
This year, we will all experience Holy Week like we never have before. Some aspects of it may end up being the same, but chances are that there is some family tradition you'll miss out on. Just because we'll miss out on those traditions, doesn't mean we can't experience a meaningful Holy Week. Below you will find ways for you to connect to God and learn more this Holy Week.
Holy Week
What is Holy Week? Watch This.

Do This: Make a Holy Week Centerpiece to have on your table all week long!
April 5: Palm Sunday
Join us at 10am to celebrate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem and again at 6pm for a Live Palm Sunday Concert with Andrew Chauncey.

Read This: Matthew 21:1-11

Watch This: Palm Sunday

Do This: Make your own Hosanna Branch Wavers with things you probably already have at home!
April 9: Maundy Thursday
Read This: John 13:1-20

Watch This: Maundy Thursday

Do This: Have a family foot washing! Before you read the passage, grab a pitcher, bowl, and towel. After you read the passage take turns washing each others feet and praying for one another.


Spend time reflecting on Jesus’ Last Supper as you share a family meal. Read Matthew 26:17-30 and reflect on the importance of remembering Christ and His sacrifice.
April 10: Good Friday
Join us on Facebook Live at 7pm to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus.

Read This: John 18-19

Watch This: Good Friday

Do This: Read about Jesus' death in your favorite children's (or age appropriate) Bible. Ask your child/yourself, "Why did Jesus die"? Remind them that Jesus was nailed to the cross because he loves them. Draw a red dot on your hands to symbolize the nail mark on Jesus' hand. Write your child's name above.
April 11: Holy Saturday
Read This: Psalm 30:5

Watch This: Lilies & Easter

Do This: Make your own Easter lilies! You can either use this template or make these handprint Easter Lilies. Once you are done, stick them in a neighbors mailbox with a note that says "...Joy comes in the morning." - Pslam 30:5.
April 12: Easter Sunday
Join us on Facebook Live at 7:30am or 10am to celebrate that He is Risen!

Read This: Matthew 28:1-10

Watch This: Resurrection

Do This: Celebrate with Easter Jam 2020! This is a fun interactive 20 minute video for your whole family! You'll need to gather just a few supplies, but you've probably got them all at home! For more details, check out this PDF. Click here for the Easter Jam Video.

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A Spacious Place
Submitted by Rachel Dow

I don't know about you, but I've been spending a lot more time outside because of social distancing and working from home. I frequently find myself going on walks, or sitting outside to get some fresh air.
Desperately needing some sunshine, I decided to walk around my apartment building. At the very back of my complex, there are several picnic tables, a basketball court, and a small dog park. As I continued taking in the scenery, I thanked the Lord for fresh air and sunshine. A few steps later, a large, empty field caused me to pause.

I find a lot of comfort in the book of Psalms, and I've been particularly drawn to Psalm 18 recently. The thing I love about David is his transparency - we get a crystal clear look at his highest of highs and his lowest of lows. He's not afraid to acknowledge his feelings.

As I looked at the field, I was reminded of Psalm 18:19 (CSB): "He brought me out to a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me."

A spacious place. What peace that brings! Merriam Webster's Dictionary defines spacious as "vast or ample in extent; large or magnificent in scale."

One thing that I'm learning is that there is room in this season for the "both/and". We can both grieve lost experiences, and still believe in the wild goodness of God. We can both be unsure of the days ahead, and know that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

He brings us out to a spacious place, and in that truth, I am reminded that He is a God of abundance. He provides all that we need. He is our Rescuer, and in the place that He brings us to, there is room for our doubt and grief, absolutely. There is also room to grow, to soar, and to really explore the depths of His goodness.

May we, as the body of Christ, experience the joy found in the spacious place this season.