Summer 2016

It Happened to Me!   
As I met with clients over the past 60 days, most of our 
discussions included plans for our "oh-too-short" summer. Lots of ideas about places to go, people to see, and creating  special memories with family and friends.  

I love to hear your plans, and I hope you are able to enjoy the summer with the people that are the most important.

However, I also want you to take a few minutes to ensure you are protecting yourself from online and identity theft.  It can take away from the fun, so a few steps now can save you time in the future.

A few months ago, I was a victim of credit card fraud.  A number of transactions were sprinkled through my statement over a 60-day period.  As somebody who tries to be very vigilant in protecting my data, I was extremely upset.

All the transactions appeared to come from commonly used websites, and the first item that triggered my inquiry was that they were in U.S. dollars.  Upon investigation, I realized that these transactions weren't mine and the "common" websites listed all had slight variations to the address which were easy to miss at first glance.

It made me realize how easy it can happen.  It appears fraud and security breaches are becoming more rampant as internet usage becomes more common for financial transactions.  We all need to be aware of the many common fraud tactics.   That's why Assante has created a series of items to watch for.  

* CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) Telephone Scam
Somebody indicating they are calling from CRA requests payment of taxes owing immediately based on a recent re-assessment and makes threats of arrest if you do not comply.
*Credit Card & Wire Scams
Fraudulent use of credit cards where numbers are obtained through many ways, be it a money wire request,  fees for a prize you've "won", or funds required for a friend in trouble.  As this is the most common fraud, please use all credit cautiously. Double check all statements and only respond to  requests for money by using more than 1 method to confirm the request-  e-mail, mail, or phone.
*Email is not considered confidential as it can be hacked.  Therefore, if sending confidential information over the internet, it's best to have a "confidential portal" where you can download items, or use a secure password to unlock documents sent over e-mail. 
Your safety is our priority
At Assante, our priority is to safeguard your personal information and your investment portfolios. We take extreme care when it comes to your privacy and your peace of mind. From hardware encryption to anti-virus and malware solutions, we are diligent in monitoring your security across our network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.    
If you believe you are a victim of fraud, you are encouraged to speak with your local authorities by contacting a non-emergency hotline or checking with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at
I'm happy to share more ideas about how we can work together to protect your identity and privacy in all financial matters.  I also recommend that you stay vigilant in tracking your bank accounts and credit cards.  To further discuss what we can do at Assante, just ask.
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Wealth Matters: Business Owners Take Notice.

The August 3rd Wealth Matters will feature Retirement Income Strategies for Business Owners followed by a Market Update on "Growth Potential in Canada". 
To join the Webcast on August 3, please register here.
recording will be available after.
Business Owners:  Want to withdraw money from the corporation tax free to pass along to your heirs?  Let's talk.  With tax changes happening at the end of 2016, it's important to review options now.
Funding Your Retirement Dreams!
  • You make a good living, but want more to show for it.
  • You are approaching retirement and you want more life from your money.
Thursday, September 22, 2016.
6:30 to 9:00pm
Oak Ridges Retirement Community
Helping couples retire to the life they want!

Join us!  
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How Can We Help?
You just had to re-write your will. You had many "special situations" to consider, such as a second marriage, family property, or even a business.   For our clients, we have helped many.

*Exploratory Estate Planning meeting with me 
*Reviewing selected Estate Planning materials to consider the many options available

*Preparing an Estate Plan

By working with me before you meet with the lawyer, you can often save time and money when it counts. 

Even more importantly, you can have the peace of mind to know your estate will be in good hands, so you can get on with "living".
Know somebody who needs help in retiring on track, and getting their will and Estate Plan in place? I can help.  

We currently have space for 4 new client families.  Please don't delay if you feel we can help somebody you care about.  
Need help in determining who is a good fit?  Let's talk.  

Traveling Soon?

Credit Card Insurance Need to Know! 

Below are few items to consider when using credit card travel insurance:
1) Credit cards have eligibility requirements for how many people will be insured on the cardholder's policy.
2) Pre-existing conditions ( even if stable and controlled) may not be covered through your credit card.
3) In the event of a trip cancellation, credit card companies may only cover expenses for one person.  

4) It is quite common for credit card policies to exclude coverage for repatriation (in the case of death), emergency air transportation (if you need to be taken to another care facility or to your home country for treatment) and prescription medications/therapeutic medical devices required for the emergency illness/injury.

5) When in a foreign country, a language barrier can cause difficulty in obtaining important travel information or treatments that the concierge may not provide.

If you need to find options, we can help.  With access to a number of travel insurance providers, we can ensure you get the right package.

Any questions, please give us a call to help. -not-enough/
Rotary Beerfest in Richmond Hill:
Rotary raises money for many worthwhile charities, but also has some fun events, such as the Beerfest. You can sample many micro-brewery beers, enjoy great music, and chow down on good local food. For more information, click RotaryBeerFest. It will take place on Friday, August 6th, at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.

Newmarket Jazz Festival   July 29th to August 1st    

Quote of the Month:
"If at first the idea is not absurd,
then there is no hope for it."
~ Albert Einstein

Have a summer full of absurd ideas, and lots of fun! 
Janine Purves, CFP, CPCA, CCS 

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