We won! Help us Return Wages To Blue Star Farms'  Workers 
by Friday, September 14, 2018
We've logged a lot of miles. Thanks to our outreach team, and our migrant advocate friends in other states, we've been spreading the word among workers in Fennville, South Haven, and throughout Allegan County, Michigan, and in Florida, and Texas. We've reached workers through PSA's on Spanish radio stations, articles and advertisements in Spanish newspapers, with posters at churches, stores, laundry mats, and restaurants, and by personal phone calls, emails, texts, faxes, and door-to-door visits to last known addresses of workers. There's more workers eligible to receive payment, you can help us find them in the home stretch  as we work to distribute a $200,000 settlement, detailed in the Aviso link below. If someone worked in 2011, 2012 or 2013 for BlueStar Farms in Fennville, MI, Allegan County, they should contact us to submit their claim by this Friday  Sept. 14, 2018 . The funds derive from a class action settlement where workers alleged inaccurate pay records and wages. The settlement distribution will follow the settlement agreement. See Aviso  for the Notice to workers in Spanish. Call 1-800-418-3390, or text (616) 303-1529.